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HammerHead 600-56-0478 Rear Bumper Dodge Ram

6 Best Back Bumpers to Increase Your Family’s Protection

For pickup trucks, front bumpers tend to get most of the attention. They create that big, bold, armored look. They’re facing forward, right in front of the driver, transforming the entire look and feel of the vehicle. 

Front bumpers also grab the headlines when it comes to protection. The internet is full of photos of crumpled front bumpers that died in the line of duty protecting a truck and its passengers. Maybe you’ve got a story yourself… the time that deer jumped out from behind that tree…

While the major incidents are more memorable, it’s the minor collisions that more of us are likely to experience. Where do many of those little bump-ups happen? The rear end. 

Rear-end collisions are the most common auto accidents, accounting for almost one million human injuries every year. 

As a pickup truck driver, your vehicle is bigger than most cars on the road. Your rear end is vulnerable to getting bumped and smashed in all sorts of road situations. 

Furthermore, you back your truck into tight spots so that you can load the bed, rig up trailers, and so on. If you’ve ever smashed a taillight from an ever-so-soft bump, you know that a rear bumper is a must-have for a working truck. 

“Would recommend - “It was a great fit! Easy to use, easy to install. Looks great on my truck. Would recommend this product.”
Carmin H., FLOG Industries Chevrolet Silverado Rear Bumper Reviewer 

Table Of Contents

  1. Rear Truck Bumpers for Enhanced Protection and Style
  2. FLOG Industries Back Bumpers
  3. Ranch Hand Rear Bumpers
  4. HammerHead Back Bumpers
  5. American Built Back Bumpers
  6. Lex Offroad Back Bumpers
  7. Raptor Series Back Bumpers
  8. Upgrading Your Truck’s Protection with an Aftermarket Bumper
  9. USA-Made Rear Bumpers from Royal Truck Accessories

Rear Truck Bumpers for Enhanced Protection and Style

At Royal Truck Accessories, we carry aftermarket back bumpers from all the leading brands. Thanks to our inventory, expertise, and elite customer service, there’s no better place to buy a bumper. 

Shopping for a replacement bumper? Let’s take a look at six leading brands to help you make your choice:

  • FLOG Industries
  • Ranch Hand
  • HammerHead
  • American Built
  • Lex Offroad
  • Raptor Series

FLOG Industries Back Bumpers 

back bumper to help avoid vehicle repair costs for dents and scratches after a collision
FLOG Industries Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 Rear Bumper 2008-2010, FISD

FLOG Industries is a premier aftermarket bumper brand for trucks and jeeps. 

Specs vary from truck to truck, but all FLOG Industries base model rear bumpers include:

  • Steel “Tugz” tow-hook system 
  • Chrome bolt caps
  • All mounting hardware required for installation

Rear bumpers from FLOG are built to order. You can personalize your bumper purchase with options like:

  • Bolt-on light pockets (pod pockets)
  • Bolt-on open-ended strap hook
  • Bolt-on tread plate

FLOG Industries rear bumpers utilize a patented three-stud mounting system for easy installs. You can also interchange parts within the bumper or across models. Swap in and out your Mudd Punisher mud flaps, drop step, tow hook options, and other FLOG Industries options. 

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Ranch Hand Rear Bumpers

affordable bumper from ranch hand to improve truck safety in the case of an auto accident
Ranch Hand BBD030BLL Legend Rear Bumper 2003-2008 Dodge Ram 1500

When it comes to reputation, you won’t find a more respected brand than Ranch Hand. They’re the number-one brand of aftermarket bumpers in the USA. Customer loyalty runs deep with Ranch Hand because so many drivers have experienced them in action first-hand.

Ranch Hand bumpers are known for providing superior protection during collisions. The diamond steel plate and generous design dimensions make it clear that your truck is well-guarded.

Rear truck bumpers by Ranch Hand are custom-made to fit your make and model. The install couldn’t be easier, consisting of a quick bolt-on process. Super-simple instructions and a mounting kit are included with your bumper purchase.

HammerHead Back Bumpers

HammerHead back bumper that reduces your vehicle repair costs in the event of a collision
HammerHead 600-56-0329 Rear Bumper Ford F150/Eco-Boost with Sensors 2015-2018

HammerHead truck bumpers are designed to absorb heavy punishment. They’re reinforced to provide extra strength but made of high-quality materials that keep the entire piece as lightweight as possible.

HammerHead bumpers include reverse lights, tag lights, steps, and shackle mounts. The shackle mounts and the mounting surface to the frame are welded on the inside and outside.

Thanks to ¼” plate steel and a two-stage black powder coat finish, these bumpers are as stylish as they are strong.

American Built Back Bumpers

replace plastic bumpers with a steel back bumper that improves vehicle safety and reduces repair costs
American Built Cowboy Rear Bumper Dodge 2500 3500 2010-2013

American Built Truck Equipment is a Texas-based manufacturer of premier bumpers and related accessories.

A back bumper can’t come any tougher—American Built works with 14 gauge diamond plate steel skin.

Expert Tip: diamond plate refers to steel with a textured pattern that’s added to increase traction.

Backup and tail lights are included, and the bumper is backup sensor-ready.

If you’re looking for a DIY-ready purchase, your American Built back bumper installs without any drilling required.

Lex Offroad Back Bumpers

bumper upgrades for vehicle makes and models that need collision protection against dents and scratches
LEX Off Road TTPRB 2015+ Toyota Tundra Punisher Rear Bumper

Lex Offroad makes custom bumpers and runs a sport vehicle modifications shop in the wide-open truck country of Mesa, Arizona. They’re metal-working pros who are constantly innovating when it comes to design and style.

Every product by this brand embodies the spirit of racing and off-roading in the Arizona desert.

Rear bumpers by Lex Offroad feature a welded plate and tube design. The arrangement achieves an improved approach angle to make your truck ready for anything.

The powder satin black finish makes for long-lasting durability against corrosion. It’s also the finishing touch on a rugged and sleek bumper design that comes with major style points. The eye-catching design on Lex Offroad bumpers simply can’t be beaten.

Raptor Series Back Bumpers

back bumper upgrade to improve vehicle safety and reduce the repair costs for pickup trucks
Raptor Series RBM06JPN 2020+ Jeep Gladiator Magnum Rear Bumper

Raptor Series is an automotive accessories company that’s been gaining prestige since hitting the scene in 2004. They specialize in truck and SUV step products, such as step bars.

The Magnum rear bumper line by Raptor Series is an innovative and advanced design that proves this brand to be a serious player in the bumper industry.

A Raptor Series bumper can be added to your truck via bolt-on installation in about an hour. It’s a three-piece bracket assembly with no drilling required.

With that quick and easy install, you’ll get some serious bumper power. Raptor Series works with cold-rolled steel.

Testomonial from Corey H.

Cold-rolling steel involves re-rolling cooled steel at room temperature. This advanced technique allows for more precise measurement and better surface qualities. The resulting steel is a premium product that’s harder and stronger than hot-rolled steel.

On a Raptor Series bumper, the inner bumper and mounting brackets are made from ¼” cold-rolled steel. The exterior shell is ⅛” cold-rolled steel.

All models come with integrated tow hooks, and all mounting hardware is included. 

Raptor Series is a solid choice if you’re looking for uncompromised strength with a dash of style.

Upgrading Your Truck’s Protection with an Aftermarket Bumper

You won’t go wrong with any of the bumper brands featured above. 

Each brand brings different standard features to the table. There are also stylistic differences, so personal preference comes into play. Even on the rear end, a bumper upgrade totally revamps the look of your truck, so the aesthetic aspect can’t be overlooked.

USA-Made Rear Bumpers from Royal Truck Accessories

What’s one characteristic that these six brands all have in common? Well, it’s something you don’t always expect to see these days—American manufacturing.

We appreciate these companies that use USA labor to create top-quality products. Depending on your choice, here’s where your new rear bumper was made:

Made-in-America Bumpers
Brand Manufacturing Location
FLOG Industries Washington, Utah
Ranch Hand Shiner, Texas and Beeville, Texas
HammerHead Bay Springs, Mississippi
American Built Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Lex Offroad Mesa, Arizona
Raptor Series Jasper, Indiana

For a top-of-the-line back bumper at the lowest price, visit the Royal Truck Accessories online store. We’ve got your make and model covered, with parts for all leading truck manufacturers:

  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge Ram
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Jeep
  • Nissan
  • Toyota

A rear bumper upgrade is the ultimate makeover for your pickup truck. With one quick install, your vehicle is transformed into a whole new beast. You’ll ride safer and stronger thanks to the engineering and steel power of an upgraded bumper.

Purchasing aftermarket replacement components for trucks is an excellent investment, but it can be tricky. That’s why our top priority is customer service.

Contact us with any questions, and you’ll receive assistance from a real person that knows trucks.

To get started with your rear bumper shopping, have a look at our extensive inventory today. 

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Back Bumpers: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Back Bumpers Made to Custom Fit My Truck?

Yes, both front and back bumpers are custom-made for truck makes and models. To find the right bumper for your vehicle, search for your brand and model year from the Royal Truck Accessories rear bumper collection

What Are Bumpers Made of?

Bumpers can be made from various materials. Most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) bumpers are made primarily from plastic. Many aftermarket bumpers are made from steel. 

Can I Install My Own Bumper?

DIY bumper replacement is an option for truck owners that prefer to do their own work. It’s a relatively straightforward process that can be completed in about three hours. However, any automotive repair work involves challenges and risks. Take your truck to a mechanic if you have any doubts about getting the job done yourself. 

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