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Stealth front non-winch bumper

What is the Cost of Road Armor Bumpers?

If you had $4,000 to spend on a Road Armor Bumper, you would be a very happy customer. But so would you if you only wanted to spend $1,000. Like many aftermarket replacement bumper brands, Road Armor has a wide selection that varies widely in price and design.

In particular, Road Armor is renowned for its modular designs that give you the freedom to customize your front and rear bumpers to suit your needs and tastes.

While it is fantastic to have your pick of center sections and end pods, that kind of variety makes it hard to put a standard price on these bumpers.

One thing is sure: since Road Armor is one of the finest manufacturers of aftermarket bumpers, its products do fetch top-tier prices.

To understand the pricing, product range, and value of Road Armor bumpers, a more in-depth look is necessary. 

Road Armor Bumpers Average Price Guide (Table)

Road Armor is proud of its extensive range of replacement truck bumpers. Whether you need a subtle factory look or full protection kit for when you go overlanding, Road Armor has them all.

Check out this RAM truck with a full protection kit courtesy of a Road Armor Titan II front bumper.

Road Armor Titan II on a RAM truck

At the time of writing, Road Armor has six major bumper series, with each designed for specific applications. Their prices vary widely in each category, especially considering that each series is also customizable to your truck’s fitment and your own unique taste.

It is almost impossible to give accurate prices for each of the hundreds of bumper configurations that Road Armor offers in its catalog. That’s because the price will depend on your truck model and the custom bumper fittings you choose.

Instead, the table below will be a rough guide on Road Armor bumpers to help you identify the main types available and what approximate prices you can expect.  

Road Armor Bumper Series Expected Price Range Main Features
Front Bumper Rear Bumper
Identity Series $2,800 $2,000
  • Modular design, choice of center sections, shackles, and end pods
  • Choice of lighting, flare, and inserts
  • Mesh and trim ring inserts
  • Integrated parking sensors
Spartan Series $1,000–$1,700 $900–$1,200
  • Designed to be lightweight and nimble
  • Compatible with factory sensors
  • Louvered grill
  • Three recessed 3” square LED light pods
  • 8” LED recessed pod accent lights
  • Option of one 20” light bar or six 3” square LED lights
Stealth Series $2,500–$4,500 $1,300–$1,800
  • Designed for each truck model to complement body lines
  • Comes in three configurations: Base, Pre-Runner (bull bar), and Lonestar (full protection)
  • Recessed lighting ports
  • Foot-Forward winch mount
Jeep Bumpers $1,000–$3,300 $1,000–$3,500
  • Integrated 3” cube light ports
  • Integrated center 20” light bar
  • Available in stinger, rear full-width, and rear mid-width configurations
Vaquero Series $1,500–$2,200 $450 (winch plate)–$1,200
  • Built for ultimate strength, durability, and maximum protection with style
  • Available in Base, Pre-Runner, Full Guard, and Winch Plate configurations
Evolution Series $2,400–$3,000 N/A
  • The latest Road Armor bumpers
  • Winch-ready Multiple light options for center and end pods
  • Supports factory sensors
  • Available with Pre-Runner and Reaper Bar or with Reaper Guard

Sure, the prices may seem high, but discerning truck owners buy the brand for its unparalleled value and quality. One enthusiast posted this on Diesel Truck Resource:

"Road Armor is a quality company to deal with. Excellent customer service and follow up. The bumper itself is better quality than I expected, the fit was easy and perfect, and the powder coating is the best I have ever seen!"

Testimonial from Noel R

The Builder Series: Customize Your Road Armor Bumpers to Your Needs

Road Armor takes modular design further by allowing you to build your own Road Armor bumpers. For a fraction of the cost, you can order all the components of your bumper and do the fabrication and welding yourself. 

All you need to do is select the parts you need as follows:

  1. Choose your vehicle’s unique fitment
  2. Customize the type of your center section
  3. Choose from either standard or wide end pods
  4. Select your desired type of end pod lights
  5. Choose a custom mesh style such as Beauty Ring, iDentity, or Hyve.

Road Armor engineers will then cut every part to your specifications while maintaining the highest quality standards before shipping them out to you.

Cost of Road Armor Bumpers by Make


Hammerhead 600-56-0790 Pre-Runner Front bumper
HammerHead 600-56-0790 Pre-Runner Front Bumper Ford F250-550 2008-2010

Road Armor manufactures front and rear bumpers for all Ford trucks for every model and year available. These include the Ford Excursion, ExcursionSD, F-150 to the F-550, the F-250 Wide Flares, as well as the Ford Ranger and the Raptor.

The prices of these bumpers vary from $2,500 for base front bumpers to $5,600 or more for the Stealth “Wide Fender Flare” Intimidators. 

Ford Raptor with a Stealth Front non-winch bumper, Base option

The Ford rear bumpers will set you back anywhere from $2,000 to over $2,000 depending on your choice.


You can buy Road Armor bumpers for your Nissan Frontier, Titan, or Titan XD. The most popular options are the Stealth Series that you can pick up for $3,000. This design has a front runner and winch mounting.

A more deluxe option is the Lonestar Guard winch bumper that you can have for around $3,700. 


Road Armor has a full range of RAM front and rear bumpers. These cover all popular RAM truck models including the RAM 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, and the latest RAM REBEL.

For example, a non-winch base front bumper starts at $2,500, while a ballpark figure for the Stealth Lonestar Bumper Guard would be $3,700. Road Armor rear bumpers for your RAM truck will cost you $1,000 and above.

Price check


You can pick up a Road Armor replacement bumper package for any new or old model Chevy Truck. The company’s catalog covers Chevy 1500s–6500s,  Kodiaks and Topkicks, as well as Colorados and Silverados.

Road Armor bumpers are especially suited for Chevy trucks due to their precise construction that complements the curves on the body of your truck. Just look at how the Chevy Identity bumper accentuates the curves on the truck below.

Road Armor Identity Front bumper on a Chevy 2500

Get your Chevy one of these for $2,500—$4,500.


Jeep models have almost similar bumper fitments, which makes it even easier to find the perfect Road Armor front or rear bumper. The company has bumper packages for all Jeep models including the Jeep Wrangler JK and JL, JKU, Sahara, JLSport, JTSport, and the Rubicon. 

For $1,400–$2,000, you can pick up the perfect Road Armor bumpers to protect your Jeep when you go rock crawling. The company also manufactures Jeep rear bumpers with a tire carrier assembly that you can pick up for about $3,200.


A large selection of Road Armor’s bumpers is dedicated towards GMC trucks. Options range from the Spartan base front bumpers for GMC 1500 trucks that fetch $1,700, to the Titan II Guard bumpers that are tagged at $4,000. The smaller rear bumpers generally go for less than $2,000.


Road Armor has purpose-built front and rear bumpers for Toyota trucks. The more common Toyota Tacomas, Tundras, FJCruisers, and 4Runners are all well-catered to within the product range. 

The typical Road Armor Stealth front bumper for a Toyota truck will go for $2,500 for the non-winch base options, to over $3,500 for the full-protection Lonestar Guards. Rear bumpers will set you back $1,800 or less.


The eponymous Hummer H2 finds some beautiful, ultra-tough bumpers among Road Armor’s selection of Hummer aftermarket bumpers. The Dakar front winch bumper goes for about $4,000, while the Dakar rear non-winch bumper with a tire carrier averages $5,700.

Road Armor Bumpers Quality Review: Why Buy?

The cost of Road Armor bumpers can seem high when compared to replacement bumpers from other manufacturers, especially imported ones. But once you have had the chance to see and feel the quality that goes into Road Armor bumpers, you will find them a steal for the price. 

Stealth Front winch Intimidator guard on a Ford truck

You can’t argue with this kind of Texas steel, rightly called the Intimidator.

The material used and quality of craftsmanship that goes into Road Armor bumpers is exceptional. These bumpers are built for strength, resilience, durability, and enjoyment. Thanks to their beauty and easy bolt-on installation, they are a favorite among America’s hardcore 4x4 enthusiasts.

There are a few features that set Road Armor bumpers apart from other replacement bumper brands:

  • High-grade steel components: Road Armor uses smooth steel components, varying between 0.25 (¼”) inch and 0.1875 (3/16”) inch sheet metal. For comparison, that’s almost 2.5 times thicker than 12-gauge sheet metal. 
  • Precision laser cutting: Road Armor bumpers are cut using modern laser cutters, which are highly accurate and energy-efficient. It also produces minimal metal distortion.
  • Hand-welded to perfection: the weld quality on Road Armor bumpers is some of the best we have seen anywhere. The coverage, consistency, strength, and beauty of them are exceptional.
  • Five-stage powder-coating process: Road Armor probably has the thickest, glossiest matte finish on truck bumpers. Here’s the powder coating process in action.
  • Obsession with craftsmanship: Road Armor engineers take a lot of pride in tight tolerances, seam quality, and internal structural integrity. What we see as a result are ultra-strong, beautiful bumpers that fit perfectly every time.

To get a better idea of Road Armor’s dedication to quality craftsmanship, here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing what goes on in the factory.

Where to Buy Road Armor Bumpers

At Royal Truck Accessories, we bring you a full range of Road Armor replacement truck bumpers at affordable prices. Our price match policy ensures that you always get the same prices elsewhere online, if not lower.

More importantly, we check every piece of bumper we ship out to ensure that you get the best quality, with flawless fitting, and pure value. Your truck will love these bumpers, so surf our collection of Road Armor bumpers and make your order now.


Are Road Armor Bumpers Better Than Others?

Yes. When compared to other cheap brands, Road Armor has stronger, heavier, more beautiful bumpers. The quality of steel used, level of craftsmanship, and beautiful finish on the company’s bumpers are impeccable.

How Much Do Road Armor Bumpers Weigh?

Made of solid smooth steel sheets, Road Armor bumpers are heavy. Depending on the Series you choose, the bumper can weigh 200-350 pounds. If you are also going to have a huge winch installed (Road Armor supports up to 16,500 winches), your front end is going to be loaded. We recommend upgrading to 5,000-pound front springs or better. 

Are Road Armor Bumpers Different?

Yes, Road Armor bumpers are designed and built differently from many other brands. For one, the company uses super-heavy-duty smooth steel and boxed-in internal structures. Even better, Road Armor uses a modular design that lets you tweak the bumper to your taste and needs by changing components such as the end pods.

Are Expensive Replacement Bumpers Worth It?

When it comes to bumpers that protect your truck from impact, no price should be too high. You could encounter a deer while going 70 mph, in which case you would want the strongest front bumper on your truck to protect you so that you can keep going.

Need expert advice

Cheap bumpers may save you a few hundred dollars now, but you will pay much more in repair costs after an accident. Road Armor bumpers have a lifetime warranty against breakage, meaning that you can trust them with your life.

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