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ICI Aluminum Front Bumper Warranty

Alumilite Bumpers Warranty Policy

Structural Warranty

This warranty only applies under normal conditions and proper use of ICI product and is a parts only warranty. Any modifications or misuse of the ICI product will void the warranty. All Alumilite Bumpers by ICI have a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the structure beginning on the original purchase date. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser and protects against any structural manufacturer defects of original material or workmanship only. Alumilite Bumper structural warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product or component. Repair or replacement is at the sole discretion of Innovative Creations, Ind. Photographs of the damage must be sent to ICI to begin any warranty claim. These photographs will be used to determine whether or not the product qualifies for a warranty claim, and determine if the product will be repaired or replaced, which is at the sole discretion of ICI. This warranty expressly does not cover; defects caused by improper installation, misuse, exposer to the elements, accidents, any incidental or consequential damages of any kind including property damage or personal injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product, freight charges, labor costs, installation costs, costs or losses due to dawn time of the vehicle.

Finish/Coating Warranty

Alumilite Bumpers have a powder coat finish that comes with a two year warranty from the original purchase date. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, modifications minor fading or abuse. Chips or damage from stones or impacts of any kind is not covered by the finish warranty. During the installation process, it is especially important to adjust the bumper before tightening the bolts to ensure a proper reveal between the bumper and the truck. If the bumper is rubbing any part of truck (i.e. grille, fenders, head lights, etc.), the vibrations caused by everyday driving can also damage the powder coat, and this is not covered under warranty.

Care and Maintenance

Because of the abuse that the bumpers receive during normal use, it is very important to care for and maintain this product on a regular basis. Clean and protect your new bumper, mounting brackets and hardware at least two times per month. In regions where salt or chemicals are used to keep roads clear of snow and ice, it is recommended you do this on a weekly basis to avoid rust or corrosion. Make sure that your bumpers are completely dry after cleaning. Do not let water stand on the surface of the bumper to avoid discoloring and water spots. Inspect your bumper regularly for chips and damage from rocks and other road debris. Bumpers are located in high debris impact areas and will incur chips and damage periodically. It is very important to maintain the finish and touch up any exposed metal. This prevents the metal from rusting or corroding under the powder coat and the finish from peeling away.

All warranty claims must be pre-approved by ICI. All returned claims must be accompanied by the original product, purchase invoice and description of the damage and how it occurred. The customer is responsible for all packaging and freight to and from. ICI will repair or replace items that have been qualified for warranty based on previously stated criteria.