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ICI AL-FBM50FDN-RT Aluminum Front Bumper, Ford F150 Raptor, 2010-2014

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Ford F-Series Front Bumper

A new bumper for your Ford F-series pickup truck is not just meant to sit on your hood looking pretty. Replacement bumpers are highly functional accessories that affect your truck’s drivability, off-road capability, balance, fuel economy, and much more. 

The right bumper can also make your Ford truck look fierce, hefty, cool, or however you want it to. That’s why choosing the right bumper is such a big decision that requires careful consideration.

Before you splash thousands on a new aftermarket bumper, consider what type of bumper you want, the features you need, and what you plan to do with your truck.

If you love off-roading, rock crawling, or overlanding you’ll need a special bumper for your pickup truck. Whatever your needs, let’s get your Ford F-series the perfect bumper for both current and future needs.

Table of Contents

Types of Ford Aftermarket Front Bumpers
5 Factors to Help You Choose the Right Front Bumper for Your Ford F-Series

Factor 1: Level of Protection
Factor 2: Bumper Features and Performance
Factor 3: Bumper Construction
Factor 4: Bumper Manufacturer
Factor 5: Price

Choose From Our Selection of Ford F-Series Front Bumpers

Will a Ford F-150 Bumper Fit an F-250?
Are Ford F-Series Front Bumpers Compatible Through the Years?
Which Brand of Bumpers is the Best for Ford Trucks?
How Much Does it Cost to Install an Off-Road Bumper on a Ford F-Series?

Types of Ford Aftermarket Front Bumpers

Type of Front Bumper Example Uses
Standard/entry-level model LEX Off Road TTIFBR2 2015+ Ford F-150 Gen 2 Front bumper
  • Standard replacement for the factory bumpers
  • Protects the lower front end
  • Can accommodate additional upgrades such factory lights and recovery accessories (winch, tow mounts)
Utility base model
  • Same as the standard front bumper but with special components
  • Most come with recovery accessories such as tow mounts and winches
  • Have mounts for aftermarket lights such as LED fog lights and light bars
Prerunner model HammerHead 600-56-0587 Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper Ford F-250-F-550 2017+
  • Designed to give exceptional ground clearance, approach angles, and wheel articulation in off-road uses
  • Have a pre-runner push bar
  • Lightweight for better off-road performance
Full protection model Ranch Hand FBF991BLR Legend Front Bumper 2000-2004 Ford Excursion
  • Full-width design that also protects the upper front end of your truck
  • Comes with a grille guard/brush guard
  • Extra-strong, heavy, and comes with recovery options such as winch mounts

5 Factors to Help You Choose the Right Front Bumper for Your Ford F-Series

The Ford F-series is the most popular pickup truck in the US right now, which means every aftermarket bumper manufacturer has bumpers for them. When choosing your bumper, there are five main factors to take into consideration:

Factor 1: Level of Protection

The primary reason for replacing flimsy plastic factory bumpers with sturdy metal ones is increased protection. Whether you need a strong off-road bumper with a brush guard, or just need a basic bumper in case of deer hits, there’s a suitable model for you.

An American Built Cowboy Front Bumper for Ford models F-250, F-350, 2020-2021
American Built Cowboy Front Bumper Ford F250 F350 2020-2021

However, bigger bumpers that offer more coverage come with weight and clearance trade-offs. Take some time to match your new bumper to your needs and your truck will thank you.

  • Base level: These only protect the lower front end of your truck, leaving the radiator and headlights exposed. 
  • Mid-width: These bumpers have a raised section covering the middle of the grille, thus giving crucial protection to the radiator. 
  • Full-width: Full-width bumpers cover the entire front of the truck, including the headlights. Most of these also have a metal grille or brush guard.

Factor 2: Bumper Features and Performance

If you want your Ford F-series to look and perform like an absolute beast, finding a front bumper with the best features is the only way to go.

  • Standard or off-road bumpers: Off-road bumpers are heavy-duty and have special features such as brush guards, skid plates, and dedicated recovery options. They’re also designed for better approach and departure angles.
  • Add-on features: Aftermarket bumpers serve as mounting surfaces for additional lighting, recovery accessories, and front license plates. If you want to retain factory lights and sensors, check that the new bumper accommodates them. 
  • Customization options: You can choose bumper fixtures such as fog lights, light bars, winch attachments, and more to suit your taste.
  • Installation: Unlike some Jeep bumper installation procedures, the best aftermarket front bumpers for Ford trucks have an easy bolt-on installation procedure with no frame modifications required.

One example of a high-quality Ford bumper brand is the Ranch Hand Legend Series. These high-quality brands ensure easy bolt-on installation, a full range of add-on features, and some customization options.

Ranch Hand Legend front bumper that works with OEM front sensors
Ranch Hand FBG201BLR Legend Front Bumper 2020-2021 GMC 2500HD/3500HD

Factor 3: Bumper Construction

A bumper’s construction is everything. From the material used to the quality of welds and type of finish, its workmanship influences the bumper’s strength, durability, and looks.

Steel vs. Aluminum Bumpers

Steel bumpers are heavy, durable, and ultra-strong, while aluminum bumpers are lightweight, usually strong, and don't corrode.

Where steel rules supreme due to its strength and ductility, aluminum is more fragile and buckles easily. Aluminum’s most notable feature, however, is that its ⅓ of the weight of steel, giving it a significant advantage when weight is an issue. 

ICI AL-FBM50FDN-RT Aluminum Front Bumper, Ford F150 Raptor, 2010-2014
ICI AL-FBM50FDN-RT Aluminum Front Bumper, Ford F150 Raptor, 2010-2014

Both aluminum and steel bumpers are good options, but the former is much more expensive due the the challenges of sourcing and fabricating aluminum metal.

Plate or Tubular Metal

Some manufacturers swear by smooth plate steel while others prefer steel tubes or a combination of both.

Whether you opt for plate or tubular steel front bumpers, it’s important to buy from brands that use thick metal for added strength. Schedule 40, 11-gauge, or 0.120 minimum wall thickness is great for tubular bumpers, while 3/16” to ¼” is adequate for steel plates.

Bumper Finish

The metal on front bumpers can corrode if it has an inferior finish, especially at hidden points such as frame mounting points and hidden corners. Painted bumpers have the least amount of protection because the paint layer can be scratched off or worn away with time.

Powder coating is the most preferable finish on front bumpers. The process covers the metal surface in a hard, ceramic-like coating by baking it in place, thereby ensuring decades of rust, scratch, and weather resistance.

Dakota, one of our happy customers, bought a LEX Off-Road Front Bumper for her Ford Raptor and loved its easy installation and beautiful, high-quality finish.

Dakota D.
Great Options

Order arrived quickly, was easy to install and looks great

Factor 4: Bumper Manufacturer

One thing unique to front bumpers is that you can’t always tell what the quality of a bumper is just by looking at it. Many manufacturers get away with using thin metal, with customers not knowing until they crash and the bumper folds like a house of cards.

That’s why the folks here at Royal Truck Accessories work hard at curating our selection to include only the best and most reputable aftermarket truck bumper brands.

Some of the brands we stock include:

  • Fab Fours
  • Smittybilt
  • Ranch Hand
  • FLOG Industries
  • Hammerhead
  • Trail Ready
  • Warn
  • LEX Off Road
  • Addictive Desert Designs
  • American Built Grand West
  • ICI (Innovative Creations Inc.)
  • Iron Cross
  • Premier Performance
  • Owens Raptor Series
  • Road Armor
  • Rigid Industries

Factor 5: Price

check price

Choosing an appropriate replacement bumper for your Ford F-Series will be a balance between cost and value. Even in a minor collision, high-end models, such as a Ford Raptor, could incur extensive damage which a good bumper could have otherwise prevented.

For example, CARiD tells us that the cost of factory headlights, radiator, and bumper for the F-150 will cost about $2,000. In even a minor accident, the cost of repair, including parts and labor, would make a big dent in your pocket.

By comparison, a Ranch Hand Bullnose Steel Bumper will cost you less than $1,200 on our platform, and prevent many minor accidents to begin with.

Choose From Our Selection of Ford F-Series Front Bumpers 

At Royal Truck Accessories, we stock a wide variety of front bumpers from different manufacturers all designed for the Ford F-Series line of trucks. Whether you drive a base-level F-150, a top-of-the-range Raptor, or a beastly F-650, we have the right bumper package for you.

For the best prices and convenient shipping all across America, shop our Ford bumpers now.

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Will a Ford F-150 Bumper Fit an F-250?

No, the front grille of an F-250 is higher and has a totally different shape. In general, the differences between various models in the F-series mean that their front bumpers aren’t interchangeable and have to be made to fit.

Are Ford F-Series Front Bumpers Compatible Through the Years?

No, even the 2019 F-250 front bumper will not fit on a 2020 model. Some years are inter-compatible, but changes in grille design, frame dimensions, and other subtle differences could cause the bumper to fit poorly. You’ll have to buy a year-specific front bumper for your Ford truck.

Which Brand of Bumpers is the Best for Ford Trucks?

None in particular, but popular brands include Ranch Hand, Hammerhead, American Built, and Iron Cross. These brands have heavy-duty bumpers with superior features that complement Ford trucks beautifully.

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Off-Road Bumper on a Ford F-Series?

Based on the prices of aftermarket front bumpers that we currently stock, a front bumper for a Ford F-Series truck can range from $1,500 to over $4,000. These are all high-end, name-brand bumpers of the highest quality, guaranteeing great value for your money.  

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