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HammerHead 600-56-0775 Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper Jeep Wrangler JL Ravager Series 2019+; Jeep Gladiator 2018+

How to Install Your Jeep Front Bumpers in an Hour

Every off-road driver will tell you that a quality front bumper on a Jeep is as crucial as all-terrain tires—whether it's a Jeep JK, Jeep Wrangler, or Jeep Gladiator.

A Jeep is not just a car. It is a status symbol. Let's be honest, a perfectly modified Jeep not only serves you well, but it also offers aesthetic appeal. It makes you get noticed.

Also, driving off-road can be treacherous. Without the proper modifications to help protect and allow your vehicle to survive the harsh conditions, chances of vehicle damage are very high.

One of the modifications that stand out is the Jeep front bumper. It is the first thing people will see. But most importantly, quality aftermarket bumpers offer you and your loved ones an extra layer of safety while you are out and about on an outdoor adventure.

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Today, we’ve put together a quick-and-dirty DIY bumper installation guide that will get you ready to hit the road in an hour or less. 

A Quick Jeep Front Bumpers Installation Guide

On closer examination, you will notice that on the underside, there are several small angular brackets. These are where you fix your bumper. If you miss or skip a single step on this guide, your installation work might fail altogether. Therefore, you must be sure to follow the process sequentially. 

Front bumper parts Required Installation tools
New aftermarket front bumper Non-skid Duct tape
Corner tank Drilling motor
A tank cap 2.75-in hole saw
Mounting bracket Ratcheting wrench set
8 washers Mounting bracket
8 lock washers Reciprocating air saw or cut-off wheel
8 nuts 0.5 in drill bit
Deburring file Flat screwdriver
18 mm socket

Step 1: Remove the Old Front Bumper

The first step is obviously to get the old bumper out of the way. Here is a quick guide. If you follow each step carefully, this process should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

  1. If your Jeep is equipped with fog lights, remove them first by carefully unplugging them from under the front bumper.
  2. Using the flat screwdriver, remove the push clips (4) from the lower air dam support and remove it from where it attaches to the bottom of the front bumper. 
  3. Using the same screwdriver, remove the push clips (2) from behind the air dam (next to the crash bar.)
  4. Next, using the 18mm socket, unbolt the nuts (8) and remove the front bumper from the frame. Set it aside and use the same screwdriver to unscrew the dust cover off. 

Step 2: Install Your New Aftermarket Jeep Front Bumpers

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After removing the old bumper from the vehicle, it should now take you only a few minutes to install the new front bumper and be on your way. Follow these quick steps.

  1. If necessary, use the quarter-inch drill bit to increase the diameter of the mounting holes. Skip this step if the holes match the new bumper bolts. 
  2. Using the 0.1 cm wrench, carefully unplug the vacuum pump, and then rotate it ¼ of a revolution to your left (counterclockwise). 
  3. Now, carefully position the bracket between the stock mounting holes and mark the dimensions to be cut out - 1 and 0.25 in x 0.25 in on the left side (driver side) and 1 in x 0.25 in on the right side.
  4. While you are getting the brackets ready, start installing the rest of the hardware. 
  5. Lift the bumper to the mounting points and align it with the studs and push the bumper into place. 
  6. Fix the eight washers, eight lock washers, and eight bolts into the studs, and using the 18 mm socket, tighten the bumper onto the Jeep chassis. 
  7. You can now install the winch plate (Optional)
  8. After tightening the bumper (and the winch), now loosely fix in the brackets. 

Why Are Aftermarket Front Bumpers Better Than OEM

HammerHead 600-56-0696 Stinger Winch Front Bumper Jeep Wrangler JK Minimalist 2007-2017
HammerHead 600-56-0696 Stinger Winch Front Bumper Jeep Wrangler JK Minimalist 2007-2017

If you are new to off-roading, you are probably already wondering why you should replace your OEM front bumper. There are essential factors to consider 

Aftermarket OEM
Cost More affordable Cost more for replacements
Quality Designed to withstand the maximum impact that is expected when driving off-road Designed to withstand minimum impact. The kind to expect in a slower traffic accident
Versatility Customizable, hence perfect for any taste and preferences Come in a standard size, material, and design
Installation process Relatively straightforward installation process Might need a qualified technician

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Your Jeep Front Bumpers

When shopping for yourJeep front bumper upgrade, there will be a wide variety of options to choose from—both practical and for cosmetic purposes. So here are some of the main things to keep in mind while you are out shopping. 

HammerHead 600-56-0775 Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper Jeep Wrangler JL Ravager Series 2019+; Jeep Gladiator 2018+
HammerHead 600-56-0775 Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper Jeep Wrangler JL Ravager
Series 2019+; Jeep Gladiator 2018+

Style or Purpose?

If you are looking to spruce up your Jeep for aesthetic purposes only, any beefed-up, cool-looking front bumper will do just fine. You want to make a statement, so you definitely need to go for something that does just that.

On the other hand, an off-roading front bumper will need a lot more than that. You need to pick a bumper strong enough to offer protection when faced with rocks, trees, boulders, and the general rough terrain that it will be working on.

Material: Steel or ABS Plastic

The bumper material you choose depends on how the Jeep is used. For off-roading, thick-gauge steel is recommended. It is more resilient and durable in the harsh environment.

Raptor Series FBM36JPN-RT 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL/2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator, Magnum Front Winch Bumper
Raptor Series FBM36JPN-RT 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL/2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator, Magnum Front Winch Bumper

In addition, steel bumpers are affordable, rust-resistant, and will indeed offer value for your money. 

Is It Made in the USA

Many benefits come with buying Jeep accessories made in the USA. However, the most important is the quality of the raw materials. The USA raw material standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) are much higher than their overseas counterparts. For example, the steel quality standards in China are barely regulated and are not as rigorous as in the USA.

Buying USA-made accessories guarantees that your Jeep accessories are safe, good quality, and durable.

What to Look For in A Jeep Front Bumper

Sturdiness and Durability

Many people assume that the bigger the bumper, the stronger and sturdier it will be. Well, this is not usually the case. Sometimes, your vehicle chassis can not handle the weight, and instead of offering protection, the bumper ends up damaging your Jeep. 

When it comes to durability, the material of the bumper also comes into play. A steel bumper will be by far more durable than an aluminum bumper. Your choice will depend on the kind of service you require, and the duration for which you need your bumper. 

Recovery & Reinforcement

Most aftermarket front bumpers come with inner gussets that help the bumpers and increase the bumper bending resistance. When shopping for new aftermarket bumpers, be sure to choose ones with the strongest inner gussets.

At the very least, ensure that your bumpers come with pre-drilled recovery holes, D-rings, or bolt-in hooks. This allows you to manually reinforce your bumper frame whenever needed - especially on those long off-road adventurers that might cause damage to your vehicle. 


One of the advantages of aftermarket bumpers is their versatility. There is something for everyone. They come in a variety of dimensions; height, width, length, etc.

For a Jeep front bumper, the more comprehensive the bumper, the higher the protection. A bigger width offers a more extensive cover for your vehicle chassis. However, a bigger size also comes with its inconveniences. It blocks visibility when you approach certain angles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Professional to Install My Jeep Front Bumpers?

No. Having your Jeep front bumpers installed at a dealership service or by a mechanic is not a must. Bumper installation is an easy job if you have the basic skills required to handle the tools. However, you might need an extra hand to help lift the parts into position. 

Do I Need Winches to Finish Off My Jeep Front Bumper Installation?

No. A winch is not a must-have item unless you feel it necessary or want an extra accessory for your front bumper. However, although it is not a must-have, a winch can come in handy when rock climbing or driving on muddy terrain. It can help you get rigged out of a compromising situation in a second.

How Long Does a Typical Bumper Installation Take?

Every fix is different. Depending on the kind of service that will go into the installation process, it can take anywhere between an hour and 48 hours. If the process involves painting the bumper, curing alone takes around 6 to 8 hours for everything to be dry and ready to go.  

Easy Installation With Royal Truck Accessories!

A Jeep front bumper gives you a much-needed safety cover while out and about on your off-road adventure.

Need expert advice

Here at Royal Truck Accessories, we understand your need for quality and convenient accessories. Our front bumper accessories guarantee protection for you and your Jeep and offer the convenience that comes with the ease of installation. 

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