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HammerHead 600-56-0844 No Brushguard Front Bumper Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2019

5 Must-Have Features for a Front Bumper Replacement

What better way to experience life’s thrilling adventures than buckled up and raring to go for that camping trip, dune bashing, or rock crawling in your truck.

You’ll want your front bumper in the best shape possible to protect the parts under your hood while you’re on your adventures.

Whether you’ve had an accident before or simply want to up your truck’s protection, you’ll need to select the best bumper for your vehicle. 

To help you out, we’ll tell you what to look out for when replacing your bumper.

Table of Contents

What You Need to Consider When Replacing Your Front Bumper

When Do You Need to Replace Your Front Bumper

Why Buy Aftermarket Bumpers?

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Consider When Replacing Your Front Bumper

While vehicles’ bumper needs vary based on the make and model, here are some of the most important features when finding the best replacement.

The Durability of the Bumper Material 

If your bumper’s damage is due to wear and tear, it means you need a stronger material to replace it. 

Your choice of material for maximum strength comes down to aluminum or steel.

Comparing Steel and Aluminum Bumpers

Factor Steel Aluminum
Weight Heavy material, you may need to upgrade your structural support system to accommodate the added weight Lightweight metal
Longevity Prone to corrosion, unless chrome plated Corrosion-resistant
Price Cheaper Pricier as you need more material per pound
Look It can be modified to suit your truck, allow powder-coating, paint, and install grill guards and lights. The luster of the metal is aesthetically pleasing and enhances the rugged look of your vehicle.
It can be modified to suit your truck, allow powder-coating, paint, and install grill guards and lights.
Strength More robust metal that will withstand collision better If engineered skillfully, it will withstand collision well

From the comparison above, aluminum sure does pack a punch in keeping your vehicle’s front in check, but steel is also a force to be reckoned with. 

Consult with an expert to determine the best material choice that goes with the size and usage of your truck.

Need expert advice

Strength of the Front Guard

A crucial feature for your new bumper is extra strength regardless of whether your original one needs a change because of:

  • Normal depreciation 
  • Light or severe damage
  • Extra protection for adventures

Aftermarket bumpers with a full grille guard will keep your car’s front end cushioned from any collision impact, headlights included. 

Save yourself money, headaches, and heartaches from an accident with a solid guard fixed to your vehicle. They give you a more rigid-looking exterior that’ll turn heads.

no-drill installation steel full guard front bumper with bumper covers
American Built Cowboy Front Bumper Ford F250 F350 2020-2021

Dent and Scratch Resistance

It’s not always the significant accidents that you should worry about. Even seemingly minor incidents can create underlying damage that will render your bumper ineffective.

That’s why you need a bumper that offers protection against scratches and dents.

A pre-runner front bumper guard will save you the heartbreaks of paint scratches, dents, and other similar damages. 

Low profile pre-runner front car bumper for damaged bumper body armor replacement
HammerHead 600-56-0432 Low Profile Pre-Runner Front Bumper Toyota Tundra 2014+

Aesthetic Appeal 

Your bumper shouldn't just offer collision coverage; it should also look great and add the right personality to your truck.

If you’re not keen on an ‘in your face’ type of bumper, then a more subtle and seamless style will be the ideal option. A seamless bumper:

  • Provides the protection you need in case of an accident 
  • Blends into the front of your car so it’s not too pronounced

reinforced front bumper covers low profile for bumper replacement in auto body shop
HammerHead 600-56-0381 Low Profile No Brushguard Front Bumper Ford F150 2015-2017

If you’d prefer a stand-out type, choose a bolder and more pronounced show-stopping bumper.

Price check

You can incorporate style and protection with a unique bumper that accentuates your car’s look and makes your vehicle the talk of the town.

front and rear bumper for auto body includes plastic bumpers covers
American Built Cowboy Front Bumper Chevy 2500 3500 2020-2021

Rescue and Work Suitability

For the adventurers, situations may arise where you need to:

  • Rescue someone.
  • Get pulled out of challenging situations.
  • Tug an obstacle out of the way.

You require a bumper that allows for winch installation.

A winch bumper is ready to save the day if you or someone else ever find themselves in a sticky situation.

winch off-road bumper with framed horns with insurance coverage
LEX Off Road, Ford Raptor Front Bumper Gen. 2 Winch 2010-2014, FRG2W

If you use your vehicle for work, for instance, on a ranch, you need a sturdy front bumper that gets the job done and endures whatever task is thrown at it. 

Ranch hand bumpers are real workhorses, all while guaranteeing maximum protection for your vehicle and giving it a sleek look.

repair or replace with aftermarket bumper unyielding bullnose for auto body
Ranch Hand BTF051BLR Legend Bullnose Front Bumper 2005 Ford Excursion

When Do You Need to Replace Your Front Bumper

American Built Cowboy Front Bumper Dodge
American Built Cowboy Front Bumper Dodge 2500 3500 2010-2018

If your car has minor bumper damage, you may think it’s a small cosmetic issue that you can overlook as long as it’s not an eyesore. 

While not all scenarios call for complete front bumper replacements, it’s often the case that replacement is better than repair.

Repairs will only suffice for minuscule scratches that are removable, or you can easily paint over. You can also repair your bumper if it has minor dents or if it’s slightly loose and needs to be fastened or hooked.

The rest of the time, however, anytime your bumper needs attention, it’s best to replace it. Remember, a bumper does more than just make your car look good; it’s a necessary protection barrier. 

The front and rear bumpers of your vehicle are the only collision barrier between you and other cars, animals, or objects you encounter on the road.

Bumpers are designed to absorb most of the impact at the point of collision, protecting the vehicle from extensive damage and the driver from harm.

If it has large cracks or holes, broken hooks and fasteners, big dents, and significant paint damage, you’re better off replacing it. 

If you repair and use a structurally damaged bumper, your car will need extensive auto bodywork and replacement for most components under the hood if ever you’re involved in an accident. 

In addition, normal wear and tear, like rusting, can affect your bumper’s integrity, so you need to change it at the first sign of aging.

Why Buy Aftermarket Bumpers?

100% made in USA carbon steel front bumper to repair and replace modern bumpers
Addictive Desert Designs 2021 CHEVY COLORADO ZR2 Stealth Fighter Front Bumper

Aftermarket bumpers make an excellent bumper replacement solution because of several factors like:

  • They are more affordable than OEM bumpers. 
  • Aftermarket bumpers are usually more suited to challenging terrains. They typically have added features designed to make up for the shortcomings of the original.
  • You can find a wider variety and styles to choose from with aftermarket parts than you would with OEM ones.
  • They usually turn out to be stronger than the original parts because manufacturers make them with all the weaknesses of the original in mind. 

You can get your aftermarket front bumpers and accompanying accessories for your SUV or truck from trusted suppliers like Royal Truck Accessories at affordable prices with excellent quality.

Testimonial from David
Testimonial from | David

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Aftermarket Replacement Bumpers Any Good?

Yes. Aftermarket replacement bumpers offer added features not available on the original one that came attached to your vehicle. They are also high quality, especially if you get them from tried and trusted suppliers.

Price Match Guarantee

Do I Need to Get My Bumper Installed at Repair Shops?

No, if you’re up for a DIY job, fixing your replacement bumper to your vehicle shouldn’t be a difficult task. Our bumpers are easy to install, and you’ll not need any specialized tools.

Will I Need to Buy Installation Hardware?

All our units come with a complete pack of installation components like nuts, bolts, brackets, and other hardware. If you face any challenges with the installation, our team will gladly assist you to get the job done.

Life is complicated enough. Getting your bumper replaced shouldn’t be.

At Royal Truck Accessories, we value your vehicle and guarantee our commitment to providing you with the best aftermarket front and rear bumpers and accessories.

Contact our team to get help selecting the best bumper for your vehicle and get started with the repair and revamp of your vehicle.

Testimonial from John
Testimonial from | John

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