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LEX Off Road Ford Raptor Baja Brute Front Bumper Gen. 2 Winch 2010-2014, FRBBF

6 Easy Ways to Cut Down Your Bumper Replacement Cost

Bumpers are one of the most commonly damaged parts of a vehicle. In collisions with other vehicles, they’re the first line of defense and receive most of the impact causing minor to severe damage.

In modern cars, bumpers are connected to delicate electronic components such as cameras and collision and parking sensors. After getting into an accident, it’s important to get the vehicle evaluated by a professional to determine whether to replace or repair the bumper.

Minor issues such as dents or scratches can usually be repaired. For more serious problems like holes or damage to the electronics, bumper replacement is often the better, cheaper option.

Without doing the right research, a replacement bumper can be expensive. We’re going to tell you now 6 easy ways to cut down on this expense.

Table of Contents

Choose a Genuine Aftermarket Bumper

Use an Independent Mechanic for Labor
Choose the Right Bumper Material for Your Truck

Bumper Replacement Cost vs. Bumper Repair Cost
Using Insurance vs Paying From Your Pocket
Minimize on Bumper Accessories
Best Aftermarket Bumpers

Frequently Asked Questions

All Truck Accessories Under One Roof

Choose a Genuine Aftermarket Bumper

Front steel bumper for 2018 Ford F150
HammerHead 600-56-0814 Full Brushguard Winch Front Bumper Ford F150 2018+

There are two bumpers to choose from: aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). 

Aftermarket bumpers are third-party accessories that the original vehicle manufacturer does not produce. OEM parts are made by the original vehicle/parts manufacturer.

Aftermarket bumpers are considered superior to OEMs for several reasons:

Price check

Aftermarket Bumpers Are Cheaper than OEMs

Testimonial for the low price of an aftermarket bumper
Testimonial from | Leslie D

Since there are many aftermarket dealers, bumper prices tend to be very competitive without compromising on quality. Aftermarket bumpers are often better made than OEM ones

Aftermarkets are also cheaper because you can buy them online and install them yourself. Even if you hire a mechanic, it’s still less expensive than buying OEM bumpers.

Testimonial from David

OEM bumper replacements are more expensive due to the brand names associated with them, high-end facilities, and included labor costs.

Aftermarket Bumpers Are Tougher and More Durable

Truck owners need bumpers that can handle harsh driving conditions such as construction sites and camping trips. The truth is that only aftermarket bumpers are built to address these, mainly because you can choose the material and design for your bumper.

In case of accidents, aftermarkets will also protect your engine components better.

OEMs come in a standard size, material, and design. Most times, this standard bumper cannot withstand rough roads. Even for powerful trucks like Jeep or Silverado, OEM bumpers can’t survive rough-terrain driving since they’re conventionally made of thin metal or plastic.

Many truck owners choose to replace their OEM bumper with an aftermarket one prior to taking it on the road.

Aftermarket Bumpers Are Customizable

Front grille bumper for Dodge Ram 1999-2002
FLOG Industries Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Front Bumper 1999-2002, FISD-D2535-9902F

Want your truck to have a rugged, mean-looking, boyish look? An aftermarket bumper is your best bet.

You can customize everything from your bumper’s size, material, design, and shape with an aftermarket one. To build your ultimate out-of-this-world truck, you can also combine it with other accessories such as push bars and running boards.

Overall, aftermarket bumpers and accessories will make your truck stand out and turn heads when you drive by.

Use an Independent Mechanic for Labor

When replacing your bumper, there are two options for labor:

  • An independent garage/mechanic
  • A dealership service

Both options have their benefits and downsides, but when it comes to price, it’s always cheaper to have your bumper replaced at an independent garage than a dealership. The reason for this is the smaller scale of operation, which lowers the labor costs.

Additionally, local mechanics are flexible, meaning you can always negotiate prices.

Local garages also deal in aftermarket bumpers which are overall cheaper than OEM parts. Other pros of independent mechanics include:

  • Personalized touch with the client improves customer satisfaction
  • Option to choose between genuine or cost-effective parts
  • Direct access to the mechanic working on your truck
  • It’s easier and more convenient to find a local garage than an authentic car dealership

You can replace the bumper yourself. Aftermarket bumpers are designed to be easy to install for anyone with the skills and tools needed. 

Here’s what one of our customers said about installing aftermarket bumpers.

Testimonial for easy installation of an aftermarket bumper
Testimonial from | Lyrik S.

Choose the Right Bumper Material for Your Truck

Bumpers come in different build materials depending on functionality. The most common materials are steel and ABS plastic.

Why Steel Is the Best Material

American cowboy front Ford F250/350 bumper
American Built Cowboy Front Bumper Ford F250 F350 2020-2021

Thick-gauge steel is the best material for both the front and rear bumpers on your truck. It’s also the most readily available bumper material, meaning it’s affordable. 

Steel bumpers are also powder-coated, making them highly rust-resistant and visually striking.

Whether you’re off-roading or city driving, steel bumpers are best as they’re durable and offer the best value for money.

ABS Plastic for City Drivers

The difference between ABS plastic bumpers and steel is that ABS bumpers are less durable, have a shorter lifespan, and are less visually appealing. Consequently, they’re less expensive than steel or aluminium front bumpers. 

A plastic bumper means you can also paint or repaint it easily when the need arises. They’re also relatively strong and are reliable for city driving.

Bumper Replacement Cost vs. Bumper Repair Cost

If your truck or vehicle has minor damage like a slight dent or scratch, it might be better to get the bumper repaired than replaced. 

Ideally, you should take the truck to an auto body shop and get it evaluated by a mechanic to determine the extent of the damage. If there’s damage to internal components like fog lights and warning sensors, a new bumper may be better than a repair. 

The replacement cost depends on the vehicle model, make, and manufacturing year. It also depends on whether the bumper is OEM or aftermarket.

Overall, you should evaluate and compare bumper repair costs and replacement costs to make the right decision. 

There are several ways to assess damage to determine whether the bumper should be repaired or replaced. 

Assessment Repair or Replace?
Traditional dent Repair: Involves smoothening the affected area
Paintless dent Repair: If the paint hasn’t been affected Replace: If the paint is damaged
Scratches Repair: For minor scratches
Replace: If the paint is damaged
Holes, cracks, and punctures Replace: Since repairing involves using plastic filler, specialized tools, and skilled labor, it’s cheaper to replace the bumper

Using Insurance vs Paying From Your Pocket

Both using insurance and paying from your pocket can reduce the cost of replacement (depending on the situation).

There are two ways to know if you are paying for the replacement from your pocket or if insurance covers the bumper damage costs.

Choose to pay from your pocket for minor damage as the insurance deductible will be more than the bumper repair cost. The minor damage costs will be affordable, and you won't have to make a claim, avoiding a possible premium increase. 

If there is severe damage, you can consult your insurance provider to learn if the vehicle’s bumper cost will be covered.

Most times, front bumpers are repaired or replaced because of a collision with another vehicle. Check your car insurance coverage to know what your options are in case the accident is your fault. 

Ensure you have collision coverage as it will cover the bumper repair costs for both vehicles. Without collision coverage, the bumper repairs are on you.

If you didn’t cause the accident, the other person's insurance company may pay for the bumper repair costs.

Minimize on Bumper Accessories

Aftermarkets aren’t just for replacing old or damaged bumpers; they’re also for pimping your ride. 

You may want to add different products to your truck to make it look more rugged and tough, but some of these products aren’t necessary and end up increasing bumper replacement costs. An excellent example of such is light mounts and winches. 

By minimizing these accessories, you get a new bumper without spending a fortune.

Need expert advice

Best Aftermarket Bumpers

Now that you know how to cut down on the cost, here are our top aftermarket bumpers:

Front Bumper: Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2007)

Made from strong A36 American steel, this Silverado front bumper is one of the most durable for your Chevy truck. It’s uniquely designed to protect your vehicle against severe damage during impact.

Steel off-road bumper for Chevy Silverado
LEX Off Road Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Front Bumper 2007+. CSF1

It also features an aggressive-looking design, with sensor cutouts and a mounting system for easy installation.

Other features include:

  • CNC Cut Skid plates for a precise fit
  • Direct fit 100% Bolt-on—no cutting or welding required
  • .120" Wall Steel Tube Construction

Rear Bumper: Heavy Duty Pipe Rear Bumper Ford F250 F350 (2017-2021)

Rear heavy-duty bumper for Ford F250/350
American Built Heavy Duty Pipe Rear Bumper Ford F250 F350 2017-2021

The heavy-duty Ford rear bumper is 4 inches thick and made from 14 gauge diamond plate steel—meaning it’s powerful and offers extra protection when off-roading. It also features a solid tow bar that comes in handy during camping trips.

Other features include:

  • Two backup lights and two tag lights included
  • Flush mount to factory receiver hitch for use with any ball mount
  • Backup sensor ready
  • Tough powder coat smooth finish for corrosion resistance

Frequently Asked Questions

You know how to cut down the cost, and you’ve seen our top selection, but you might have further questions. Here are the most commonly asked:

What’s the Average Cost to Replace a Bumper?

An excellent metallic truck bumper costs $800–$2500 on average. Aftermarket bumpers are generally less expensive and are better value for money since they’re more durable and can be customized.

Can You Replace a Bumper on Your Own?

Yes. With the necessary skills and tools, you can replace your bumper and save on significant labor costs.

Does Insurance Cover Bumper Damage?

Yes, it can. You should file an insurance claim if the replacement costs are higher than your deductible or another driver was at fault. Check with your insurance company to ensure you meet the requirements for a claim.

All Truck Accessories Under One Roof

A bumper is essential in protecting sensitive and expensive components like sensors, lights, and the engine. We believe it’s crucial you invest in a protective solid metal bumper. It’s cheaper to replace in case of an auto accident and makes a statement with a tough, rugged look.

Price match Guarantee

Apart from bumpers, we have other truck accessories to help you build your dream truck, including running boards, fender mounts, and LED lights.

Simply reach out to us for all your truck’s needs.

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