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Raptor Series 1508-0655BT 4" OE Style Curved Oval Step Bars 07-18 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door JK

Best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers: Costs and Benefits

It’s practically official: you shouldn’t take your Jeep into the wild without first replacing the flimsy factory bumper with one of the best Jeep Wrangler aftermarket bumpers.

You ARE going to hit trees, rocks, and other objects out there when you go off-road racing, overlanding or rock crawling. When you do, you’ll be thankful to have a solid steel bumper to protect your Jeep from expensive damages.

If you’ve been surfing around for Jeep bumpers, you already know that the good ones cost big bucks. It’s natural to hesitate before getting the high-end bumper you know your Jeep deserves when you see the price tag; but does the cost really outweigh the benefits?

In addition to having a direct link with the best manufacturers, the expert team here at Royal Truck Accessories knows a thing or two about Jeep bumpers. We’ll give you a few pointers on the best Jeep bumpers and the best prices out there. 

Why Buy Aftermarket Bumpers for Your Jeep?

There are a few good reasons why you should splurge on a high-quality replacement bumper. 

Protect Your Vehicle

When you hit something you weren’t aiming for, you don’t want to damage important components of your Jeep, such as the engine, transmission, and cooling systems all located up front. A strong steel bumper will take such hits with no consequences. 

Help With Recovery

You could tow a stock Wrangler easily if you got yourself stuck, but could you perform self-recovery when alone in the woods? For that, you’d need a capable winch.

Aftermarket Jeep front bumpers allow you to mount a winch as well as additional dedicated D-ring mounts. Strong steel bumpers will also have Hi-Lift jack points, a fabulous feature to have in case you break down or get stuck out there. 

Improve Drivability

Extreme off-road Wranglers need all the front wheel articulation space they can get. An aftermarket stubby bumper allows the wheels full range of movement when negotiating tough paths.

A good bumper also maintains or improves ground clearance, thereby ensuring the best approach and departure angles. 

Protect Yourself

Application-specific Jeep bumpers, such as stingers, serve a special and crucial purpose. The angled push bar at the front of a stinger prevents you and your Jeep from tipping over when going down steep descents. 

Improve the Look

In addition to all the functional uses, aftermarket Jeep bumpers are a huge aesthetic improvement compared to the factory version. They take away the tame look from stock Jeeps and give them a fierce and adventurous edge.

You Need to Know This Before Buying Jeep Bumpers

Technically speaking, there are only three types of Jeep bumpers.

  • Stubby bumpers only cover the lower front grille without projecting in front of the tires. 
  • Mid-width bumpers have tapered ends that afford a little more protection to the fenders.

Full-width bumpers extend over the whole lower front-end, so they also protect the fenders and wheels.

Raptor Series Magnum Front Winch Stubby Bumper, 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL/2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator FBM22JPN-RT Hammerhead 600-56-0626 Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper Jeep TJ 1997-2006 Hammerhead 600-56-0775 Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper Jeep JL Ravager Series 2019+; Jeep Gladiator 2018+

A Raptor Series Magnum stubby bumper. Notice how it leaves the wheel and fenders clear.

Get it here

A Hammerhead mid-width front bumper with a winch. See it doesn’t fully cover the front of the wheels and fenders.

Get it here

A Hammerhead full-width Ravager Series. It has tapered ends for wheel articulation but still covers the entire front end.

Get it here

In addition to bumper width, there are other descriptions used to designate different designs and uses.

Preunner Bumpers are designed to get things out of your way during high-speed off-road driving. As the name suggests, they have an angled push bar that “pre-runs” or goes ahead of your Wrangler. In case you hit the ground, the wedge-shaped prerunner lets you go over the obstacle instead of running into it. 

A Jeep Rubicon with a full-width prerunner style front bumper from Hammerhead
HammerHead 600-56-0396 Full Width Pre-Runner Front Bumper Jeep JK 2007-2017

Tubular Bumpers are a classic Jeep bumper design made of steel tubes rather than steel plates. They’re lighter and have brackets for additional lighting but often lack other accessories such as winch mounts. Jeep purists love them for their minimalist design.

Jeep Stinger Bumpers are usually welded to the front of the Jeep at an angle of 30-600. Their purpose is to prevent the vehicle from tipping over in case it rolls or when coming off a steep decline.

A Hammerhead minimalist tubular bumper with a brush guard and stinger, mounted on a Jeep Rubicon
HammerHead 600-56-0685 Full Brushguard Stinger Winch Front Bumper Jeep Wrangler JK Minimalist 2007-2017

There are also aluminum and road-safe bumpers, but these share the same basic characteristics as the other designs with a few subtle differences. At the end of the day, finding the right Jeep bumper is all about utility, so get the bumper that best serves your needs. 

Jeep Rear Bumpers

Unlike front bumpers, rear bumpers for Jeep Wranglers are much simpler in design and are easier to choose. You’re still likely to find variations across manufacturers, so be sure to shop around first. 

Standard Bumpers

These are not much different from stock bumpers, except that they’re made of steel and provide far better protection. They offer additional features such as hitches, D-ring mounts, and extra lighting. 

A Raptor Series rear bumper shown mounted on a Jeep JL
Raptor Series RBM45JPN Magnum Rear Bumper Jeep JL, 2018-2021

Standard bumpers can be of different thicknesses that could affect ground clearance and departure angles; again, this varies from model to model. 

Tire Carriers

These are special rear bumpers built with a mount to carry a spare tire or two. These will be way more expensive due to the complexity of their design, but they can be worth their weight in gold when you get punctures out in the wild. 

A Hammerhead rear bumper with a tire carrier, here shown mounted on a Jeep JK
HammerHead 600-56-0207 Rear Bumper Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2017

Top Manufacturers of Jeep Bumpers: Value for Your Money

Out of the tens of brands that offer Jeep bumpers, there are only a few that stand out as having the best ones for the money. These are manufacturers that don’t compromise their workmanship, the gauge of steel they use, or the quality of finish they apply.

More importantly, top-quality bumpers are easy to install with no extensive modifications required.


Hammerhead is one of the most trusted brands, not just in aftermarket bumpers, but in motorsport as a whole. The company uses only high-grade steel and adheres to best-in-class quality standards. 

A Hammerhead front bumper with a winch mounted on a Jeep JK
HammerHead 600-56-0626 Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper Jeep TJ 1997-2006

Even better, Hammerhead Jeep bumpers are some of the most affordable we have. For less than $1,000, you can pick up a solid steel front bumper for your Jeep. Rear bumpers will cost you a little less, depending on the model you want. 

Road Armor

Road Armor claims to have originated the smooth steel bumper trend back in 2000. Whether that’s true or not, the company is one of the oldest and most respected on the market today. It’s also an all-American brand that’s loved for the quality of its workmanship. 

In particular, Road Armor is known for its beautiful bumper designs and finishes. Do you want a gorgeous powder-coated satin finish? Done. Need to mount light bars on a bumper you can use on and off-road? You got it. 

Road Armor full-width front bumper

Road Armor also makes rear bumpers for Jeep Wranglers complete with swing-away wheel carriers, one of the few that do so.

Raptor Series

Raptor Series is the creator of the Magnum Jeep Wrangler bumpers. These are seriously good-looking, off-road capable bumpers that are a steal for the price.

Just like Road Armor, Raptor Series is a reliable brand that builds highly capable and functional bumpers with all the bells and whistles. The company does this while keeping its Jeep bumpers beautiful, rugged, and modestly priced. 

A Raptor Series Magnum Front Winch Bumper for Jeep JLs, 2020 and 2021 model
Raptor Series FBM36JPN-RT 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL/2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator, Magnum Front Winch Bumper

FLOG Industries

FLOG Industries is a more recent entrant to the industry. Since 2014, the American brand has earned a powerful reputation for its innovation and attention to quality.

Jeep bumpers from FLOG Industries are known for their clean, modern designs that look especially good on the newer Jeep JL and JT models. 

A FLOG Industries Stubby Front Bumper mounted on a Jeep JL


Warn is one of the most-hyped brands when it comes to Jeep bumpers and winches. The company makes stout, solid Jeep bumpers loaded with accessories and superb functionality.

In particular, Warn maintains a certain classic appeal with its products, a feature that is very popular among Jeep lovers. 

Warn Elite Series full-width front bumper on a Jeep JK

Iron Cross

For the longest time, Iron Cross has been known for its extremely rugged steel bumpers for Jeeps and other vehicles. The company prides itself on its heavy, steel plate bumpers with stylish looks.

An Iron Cross full-size front bumper with a pre-runner bar

Some of the brand’s more distinctive creations completely envelope the front of your Jeep and transform the front end appearance. If that’s what you want, Iron Cross is the brand for you. 

Pricing of Jeep Wrangler Bumpers

We’re the first to admit that Jeep Bumpers can get really expensive. However, you don’t have to shell out thousands for the bumper package you want.

As you may have noticed, there are some fantastic options that you can pick up for about $500. 

Based on wisdom from other Jeep Wrangler owners, we’ve created this rough price guide that you can use when buying both front and rear bumpers for your Wrangler.

  • $300 and below: For this price, your best options are the minimalist tubular bumpers. You won’t get much functionality out of these, and only minimal protection against rust.
  • $500–$700: In this price range, you’ll get more reputable brands with some detail and protection. Finish may not be so good.
  • $800–$1800: This is our recommended price range for the most high-quality Jeep Wrangler front and rear bumpers. You get superb protection and all the accessories you need for this price, as well as excellent powder coat finish.
  • $2,000 and above: These higher prices are for extremely high-quality, detailed, and highly-engineered bumpers. For example, rear bumpers with wheel carriers go for these prices.

Jeep bumper prices vary widely, so be patient and do your due diligence before going in. That’s the only way you’ll get good value for your money. Hadley, one of our happy customers, discovered that we are your best bet for good prices.

Hadley W.
Best Experience

“Finding the perfect bumper for my truck was quick and easy. I shopped around, but no one could beat the price.”

We Have the Best Jeep Bumpers for the Best Prices

Price check

At Royal Truck Accessories, we’re proud of our selection of Jeep bumpers. Ours is one of the few places where you can shop for different brands and bumper types and compare them side-by-side.

With our affordable prices and countrywide shipping, you can count on Royal Truck Accessories to get you the best bumpers for your Jeep at an incredible cost. Explore our collection of Jeep bumpers now and place your order. 


Why are Jeep Bumpers so Expensive?

Jeep bumpers tend to be more expensive than other types because of the level of detail required to build them. However, some manufacturers also take advantage of the cult-like hype around Jeep vehicles to hike prices, so be sure to get value for your money.

Can You Put a Winch on a Stock Jeep Bumper?

No, the aluminum or plastic factory bumper won’t support a winch. That’s why you need to replace it with a strong steel aftermarket bumper, which also helps with towing and other recovery operations.

Which Brand Makes the Best Jeep Bumpers for the Money?

Some of the most respected manufacturers of Jeep replacement bumpers include Warn, Iron Cross, Hammerhead, Road Armor, and Raptor Series. There are many other brands out there with good products, but we can’t guarantee their consistency or quality.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Jeep Front Bumper?

Need expert advice

You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2000 for a good-quality front bumper. Prices depend on the type, manufacturer, and amount of functionality you get on the replacement bumper.

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