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Front Bumper Nissan Titan

How to Replace Your Nissan Titan Front Bumper the Easy Way

Off-road trips are full of uncertainties.

You might be driving home and bump into a roadside tree, damaging your front bumper beyond repair.

When accidents like this happen, bumper replacement may be the only option you have.

Should you replace the bumper yourself or hire a professional?

Most people spend a lot of money hiring professionals, believing that bumper replacements are complicated, but that’s not the case.

Replacing your Nissan Titan front bumper is easier and quicker than you think—this step-by-step guide will prove that.

Table of Contents

Nissan Titan Bumpers: The Installation Process

Step 1: Removing the Nissan Titan Front Bumper
Step 2: Reassembling the Accessories in the New Bumper
Step 3: Installing the New Bumper on Your Nissan Titan Truck

Is an Aftermarket Nissan Titan Bumper From Royal Truck Accessories Better Than OEM?

Compatibility With Your Truck

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Replace My Front and Rear Bumper?
How Do I Lower Bumper Replacement Costs?
What’s the Average Cost of Replacing a Bumper?

Nissan Titan Bumpers: The Installation Process

HammerHead 600-56-0094 Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper Nissan Titan 2004-2015
HammerHead 600-56-0094 Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper Nissan Titan 2004-2015


Tools You’ll Need Hardware Parts You’ll Interact With
Socket set and wrenches Lock washers Front bumper
Screwdrivers—flat and Philip’s head Flat washers Brackets
A pry bar Nuts and bolts Sensors and wire harnesses

Safety precautions: Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses and steel-toe boots, to prevent injury.

Once you have the necessary tools and right PPE, park your vehicle on a level surface and set the emergency brakes.

Note: The estimated installation time is 1½ to 2 hours.

Step 1: Removing the Nissan Titan Front Bumper

Remove the support nuts around the fog lights on both the driver and passenger’s side.

Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the two screws (one on each side) that hold the fender liners to a metal bracket.

Remove the plastic skid plate on the underside by loosening the two nuts with a socket and a wrench. Then loosen the four bolts at the front to unmount the skid plate (preserve the skid plate and its hardware for reinstallation).

Carefully remove all wiring harnesses, ensuring you don’t interfere with any wires not connected to the bumper.

On both the right and left side, locate the plastic covers near the tow hooks and loosen them using a pry bar or a long screwdriver.

Lift the covers slightly and slip your hand underneath to unclip the sensors from the wiring harness. Remove and store the covers to avoid scratches.

Loosen the six bolts (3 on each side) above the tow hooks to dismount the bumper. Have a friend or two hold the bumper while you loosen the bolts.

With the old bumper down, disassemble all the accessories and anything you’ll be reattaching to the new bumper.

Remove the wire harnesses, sensors, and accessories, marking their specific positions for easier reassembly on the new bumper.

Detach the tow hooks and older brackets from the frame by loosening the two bolts on each side.

Step 2: Reassembling the Accessories in the New Bumper

Here, you’ll reinstall the sensors and all the accessories you want to reuse on the replacement bumper. This should be done carefully as these parts are very delicate.

Be sure to reassemble them in their specific positions to avoid any functional issues after installation.

You can also install new aftermarket accessories like a light bar and winch, depending on the design of the new bumper.

With everything set, let’s install the bumper.

Step 3: Installing the New Bumper on Your Nissan Titan Truck

On the factory tow hook location, attach the new bumper brackets using the lock, flat washers and bolts.

With the help of two friends, mount the new bumper and ensure the holes welded on the bumper are lined up with those on the brackets.

Attach the new bumper to the brackets, but don’t tighten the bolts yet.

Balance the bumper side to side, up and down, ensuring it doesn’t stick to the wheel well.

When you strike the perfect balance, tighten the bumper to the bracket.

Reconnect all the wire harnesses you removed earlier on the underside of the truck. Reinstall the plastic skid plate and reattach the factory fender liners to the bumper.

That’s it. You’ve just replaced your Nissan Titan front bumper with ease and zero labor costs.

Is an Aftermarket Nissan Titan Bumper From Royal Truck Accessories Better Than OEM?

Price Match Guarantee

Yes. Aftermarket bumpers from Royal Truck Accessories are better than OEM bumpers because they’re more affordable. At the same time, they’re equally stunning, durable, and just as high-quality.

Still, there are some differences between Nissan Titan aftermarket and OEM bumpers:


Most OEM bumpers are without doubt high-quality, but so are aftermarket bumpers.

Aftermarket bumpers can actually be even higher quality than OEM bumpers, depending on the brand you choose and the supplier you buy from.

Most aftermarket front and rear bumpers are made of durable metal (like steel and aluminum) and have multiple accessory options like light bar installation, fog lights, and more.

When it comes to OEMs, you can easily end up with a bumper that has less room for accessories.


OEM bumpers for Nissan Titan trucks are scarce because there’s only one brand manufacturing them (Nissan). So if you wanted an OEM replacement bumper, you might have to wait for weeks before getting it.

Aftermarket bumpers, on the other hand, are readily available because there are so many suppliers on the market. Examples include Road Armor, Ranch Hand, Iron Cross, and Hammerhead, among others.

With aftermarket bumpers, you can easily get the front or rear bumper designs you want.


Price is the most significant difference between OEM and aftermarket products.

Simply put, aftermarket off-road bumpers are more affordable than OEM, but without sacrificing quality.

Here’s what verified buyers have to say:

“Less expensive and easier to use with more options than anywhere else!”


If you still opt for OEM bumpers, you’ll be spending more because of the brand name, not a difference in quality.

Price check

Compatibility With Your Truck

OEM off-road bumpers are 100% compatible with your Nissan Titan model since the brand is the maker of your vehicle.

What about aftermarket bumpers?

Bumpers from brands like Iron Cross, Road Armor and more, are custom-fit to your vehicle model, making them just as compatible as OEM bumpers.

The table below summarizes the differences between OEM and aftermarket bumpers.

Factor OEM Bumpers Aftermarket Bumpers
Price Expensive Affordable
Quality Good Good (depending on the supplier)
Availability on the market Few on the market Readily available
Compatibility with your Vehicle Yes Yes

When you buy aftermarket bumpers from Royal Truck Accessories, you’ll get all the exceptional qualities of an OEM at a lower price.

Need expert advice

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Replace My Front and Rear Bumper?

Replace your bumpers when:

  • You need a more striking and durable bumper than what you currently have.
  • Your bumper is damaged beyond repair.
  • You need a bumper with more accessory options like tow hooks, winches, or more lights.

How Do I Lower Bumper Replacement Costs?

  • Buy aftermarket truck bumpers, which are cheaper than OEM without sacrificing quality.
  • Replace the bumper yourself instead of hiring a professional, which is quick and straightforward.
  • Buy aftermarket bumpers from a trusted seller.

What’s the Average Cost of Replacing a Bumper?

The average replacement cost ranges from $500 to $3000 depending on the following aspects:

  • Your vehicle model
  • The design of the bumpers you’re looking to buy
  • Hiring a professional or doing the replacement yourself
  • Buying OEM or aftermarket bumpers
  • The new accessories you’ll install
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