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White SUV with off road bumper

Are Off Road Bumpers Really Worth the Hype?

Americans love their trucks and go to great lengths to express this affection.

Some consider their trucks as family members. Others go even further and give them pet names, some can be pretty hilarious. The Bug Slayer, Muscle Boy, and Professor Yaffle are examples you may encounter.

In the past, modification involved boosting speed. Today, it’s done to reflect its owner’s personality.

As a 4X4 owner, you've probably realized how difficult it can be to modify your machine. Government restrictions on fuel consumption, emissions, and vehicle noise make new trucks look dull. However, several legal modifications can make your truck much cooler.

Installing aftermarket bumpers is one of the many options available.

Aftermarket bumpers have become quite common. You may even think they’re necessary for all off roaders.

Are off road bumpers worth the hype? Let's find out why this modification is worth your investment.

Table of Contents

An Aftermarket Truck Bumper Enhances Durability
Both Front and Rear Bumpers Improve Your 4X4's Versatility An Aftermarket Bumper Enhances Your Truck's Style Frequently Asked Questions

An Aftermarket Truck Bumper Enhances Durability

Off-roading is—without a doubt—loads of fun.

However, it can turn out to be a nightmare if your truck isn’t equipped for such terrain. With an offroad bumper, you'll make it back without any damaged components. How does an off road bumper enhance your pickup’s durability?

Expert advice

It Can Reinforce Your Factory-Made Bumper

If you frequent off roads, then you’re already familiar with your factory-made bumper's limitations. You've probably already noticed that it isn’t designed for too much abuse.

Your 4x4 factory-made off road bumper is indeed more robust than that of a typical passenger truck. The body armor bumpers will serve you just right—as long as you don't engage your pick-up in anything too extreme.

The factory-made bumper will probably protect your truck's components in case of slow-moving accidents. However, if you hit a wild animal at a considerable speed, you'll likely damage your jeep.

It Protects Your Truck's Vital Components

Price Check

Purchasing a Ford, Ram, or GMC Sierra pick-up is a wise investment. However, the cost of repairing and replacing parts can be significantly higher than the average passenger truck.

Aftermarket off road bumpers are manufactured using heavy-duty steel, giving them added rigidity and strength. Some ranch hand bumpers have powder coats and other robust finishes to withstand corrosion and impact.

HammerHead low profile pre-runner front bumper
HammerHead 600-56-0618 Low Profile Pre-Runner Front Bumper

You can ease your mind from worries while you’re driving off-road when you have a reliable bumper. You’ll worry less about things such as:

  • Scratching your truck’s grill against trees
  • Your radiator scraping rocks while driving in ditches
  • Your headlights bashing boulders as you negotiate tight corners

The body armor will absorb the impact and continue to function normally while looking fantastic.

What's more, your truck’s front bumpers won't crumble like eggshells and damage its components while in the wild. They'll shield the headlights, viscous fan, and radiator from scratches and impact from trees, rocks, and scrubs.

Both Front and Rear Bumpers Improve Your 4X4's Versatility

Nothing spells out a versatile 4x4 than the ability to tackle any terrain—an authentic all-terrain pick-up needs versatility. Your jeep needs to quickly and readily adapt to any environment.

Like a chameleon, your ranch hand bumpers need to fit in with the wild environment, all while looking super-cool on city roads. It needs to become one with your surroundings.

Ford F150 Generation 2 push bar
LEX Off Road F150G2PB 2015+ Ford F150 Gen 2 Push Bar

Unfortunately, the plastic push bars that come with your 4WD will force you to be extra careful, yet being too careful spoils the fun. Consequently, you’ll find yourself watching from the sidelines as your mates enjoy the terrain.

Aftermarket heavy-duty body armor is a game-changer, it’ll motivate you for the wild ride. Your bumper will also remind you why you bought the AWD in the first place.

Improves Your Truck’s Approach Angle

Excellent body armor is more compact, shorter, and positioned higher than the factory made-plastic bumpers. This gives your machine improved wheel and ground clearance and better approach angles.

Your approach angle is the angle between your front tires and the ground during a front overhang.

To better understand this term, let's imagine you’re driving down a rugged slope. As you move along, the ground raises, and you have to drive up the steep ramp. As you go up, your truck's front bumpers could hit the ground before your wheels begin climbing.

Painful, isn't it?

It doesn't have to be since you can increase this angle using proper body armor.

The resultant increased approach angle allows your 4x4 to tackle steep rocks, slopes, and hills.

Aftermarket Truck Bumpers Improve Departure Angle

Ford F150 rear-bumper
LEX Off Road FARB2S 2015+ Ford F150 Assault 2 W/ Sensors Rear Bumper

Rear body armor will prevent your jeep from scraping rocks during exit. Similar to the approach angle, the departure angle is the ground-vehicle clearance at the back. This angle significantly changes while descending or ascending a hill or when tackling challenging terrains.

Sometimes it becomes impossible to prevent your pickup from scraping the ground. In such situations, your rear bumpers should do all the scraping.

Rear bumpers equipped with a skid plate are even better for off-roading. Skid plates will prevent your pick-up from getting snagged on the obstacle.

You'll Tackle the Off Road Without the Fear of Damaging Your Truck

The off-road terrain can be challenging at times—and this is expected. There's always the chance that you'll encounter some form of impact.

The fear of damaging your pickup can limit your adventure. You'll not be able to show your friends your vehicle’s true off-road abilities without a sturdy bumper.

These are some of the captivating escapades that you may have to forego:

  • Climbing steep hills
  • Going over big rocks
  • Towing your colleague
  • Recovery should you get stuck

Though fun, these activities can significantly damage your pickup without a solid bumper. Moreover, any miscalculation of distance while in the wild could puncture your radiator.

With a good bumper, you'll accomplish these exploits and much more. Should you hit a tree or animal, your bumper will absorb most of the impact.

An Aftermarket Bumper Enhances Your Truck's Style

Owning a unique vehicle is a dream for many truck enthusiasts.

With proper body armor, you too can add style and make your machine stand out. Stock bumpers provide you with room to accessorize your jeep and make it unique.

Ford Raptor Striker front bumper
LEX Off Road, Ford Raptor Striker Front Bumper

Enhance Your Truck's Look with a Swing-out Tire Carrier

Trucks with manufacturer's bumpers typically have their spare tires mounted on the tailgate. Unfortunately, the tire's weight gradually wears down your vehicle's hinges, causing the tailgate to sag. The wear-and-tear is especially the case when you drive on uneven surfaces.

With time, you'll experience difficulties closing it and may have to spend more on bumper replacements.

You can avoid this challenge and simultaneously give your vehicle a cool safari look using aftermarket body armor. The swing-out bumper will carry your spare tire's weight, relieving your hinges of stress.

Upgrade Your Lights

Seeing your way clearly can be a challenge when traveling at night in areas without street lights. Perhaps you've thought of installing aftermarket lights, but your factory-made bumper has no provision.


You can install a stock bumper.

Toyota Tacoma front bumper
LEX Off Road TTVR1FB 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma VR1 Front Bumper

Aftermarket body armors come with plenty of room to install aftermarket lights for that authentic 4x4 appearance. With this bumper, you don't have to spoil your vehicle's aesthetics by drilling its frame. Just mount the road spotlight or LED bars on the bumper, and you're good to go.

For that Rugged Look

Aftermarket bumpers give your jeep that aggressive, rugged, awesome, bring-it-on appearance. The extra functionality from the additional equipment on the bumper further augments this appearance.

Customer review from Carmin H
Royal Truck Accessories | Facebook Page

Many bumpers are designed to blend with your pickup's original curves and lines. In addition, the bumper will enhance your vehicle's appearance without looking like an afterthought.

Check Out Royal Truck Aftermarket Off-road Bumper Accessories

Do you want to finally install your body armor and get it right the first time? Do you not like your current body armor and would prefer bumper replacements? Do you need expert assistance and advice?

Visit Royal Truck Accessories for American-made bumpers for American-built trucks.

You’ll quickly find your perfect bumper from their huge variety of aftermarket bumpers.

customer review from Ellis L
Royal Truck Accessories | Facebook Page

You’ll find a wide range of accessories that enhance your 4X4’s appearance while improving safety and durability.

Here are a few items that your 4WD needs.

Item Brands Available
Front Bumpers HammerHead, FLOG Industries, and LEX Off Road
Rear Bumpers FLOG Industries, Ranch Hand, HammerHead, and LEX Off Road
Fog Lights RIGID Industries
Running Board Magnum (Raptor Series)

If you aren't sure about the right bumper for your pickup, we’ve got you covered. You can call the number provided, and our experts will advise you and take you through every step. Ordering your reinforced bumper has never been easier.

Whether you need to increase your pickup's off-road capability or make it safer, you'll get the appropriate help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an aftermarket off road bumper?

An aftermarket off road bumper is a replacement bumper for the front or rear OEM bumpers. These are mostly manufactured by a third party, meaning they can fit many different makes and models.

How safe are aftermarket bumpers?

Aftermarket bumpers are manufactured according to recommended safety standards. As a result, they can protect your car from damage during low-speed crashes while enhancing your pickup’s appearance.

Should I invest in an aftermarket bumper for my truck?

Yes, you should if you want to take your pickup through rough terrains. They’re also an excellent investment if you want your vehicle to have that rugged and mean look.

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