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Ranch Hand BST14HBL1 Summit Bullnose Front Bumper

3 Features of the Ranch Hand Bumper Guaranteed to Impress

Bumper replacement is one of the most popular upgrades made by truck owners. It’s a savvy choice, boosting both safety and style in one quick installation.

Heavy-duty front and rear bumpers protect your truck from taking the brunt of an impact. Installing one improves the safety of passengers and makes accidents less damaging. 

When a bumper strikes or is struck by something—a deer, another vehicle, etc.—that’s what takes the direct hit. The bumper is pressed back, decreasing the force of the impact on the rest of the truck. 

When a high-quality bumper is put to the test, it may be violently smashed inward. The truck and its passengers, meanwhile, are spared from the worst of the damage. 

“This bumper is a beast! I absolutely love the look and it works perfect with the parking sensors, active cruise control, factory fog lights and the factory tow hooks.”
David, Ranch Hand Bumper Reviewer 

At Royal Truck Accessories, we carry front and rear aftermarket bumper upgrades from all the leading brands. We connect you to top-quality products at the best prices with real-person (no robot phone menus) customer service. 

Testimonial from Elvis V.

If you’re looking for a new bumper, one of the first brands that you’ll come across is Ranch Hand. Operating from the heart of Texas, Ranch Hand is the number-one aftermarket bumper brand in the USA.

Ranch Hand Bumpers: Product Details
Series Summit, Legend, and Sport
Warranty All Ranch Hand bumpers from Royal Truck Accessories come with the one-year Ranch Hand warranty
  • Grille guard front bumper
  • Bullnose front bumper
  • Winch-ready front bumper
  • Back bumper
Material Diamond plate steel body

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make Ranch Hand’s bumpers a great choice. 

Ranch Hand Bumpers are Custom-Fitting For Your Truck

Ranch Hand Sport series bumper to protect the rear end from major damage during an auto accident
Ranch Hand SBD19HBLSLE Sport Rear Bumper 2019-2021 Dodge Ram 1500 Dual Exhaust

Ranch hand bumpers and grille guards are made to fit specific vehicle makes and models. 

Bumper upgrades for the following leading truck brands are available:

  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Ram
  • Jeep 
  • Toyota
  • GMC

Every truck has its own unique dimensions and contours. Every year, auto manufacturers roll out their new makes and models. Ranch Hand follows suit, engineering and producing new bumpers to fit each new truck design. 

Generally speaking, custom-fitting accessories are preferable to universal models. When it comes to items related to safety, that’s especially true. It’s good to know that what you’ve bought was made specifically for your truck, ensuring the best possible fit. 

Installation is also easier when you’re working with a set of instructions designed for your specific truck. 

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Ranch Hand Bumpers Are Made to Provide Maximum Protection

Ranch Hand legend series grille guard bumper upgrade to enhance the safety of a pickup truck
Ranch Hand FBD941BLR Legend Front Bumper 1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500

There’s no denying the aesthetic aspect of bumper shopping. These exciting add-ons contribute to the shape of a vehicle and create a robust and ironclad look. 

You’ve probably known some truck owners that won’t shut up about how cool their new bumper is. We don’t blame you for doing the same after your own purchase.

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Ranch Hand’s bumpers don’t slouch in the looks department. From the slick, powder coat finish to the bold lines of the design, it’s a tough look to beat. 

The style points are just an added bonus to the true purpose of bumpers. That is, of course, to protect your truck and its passengers. 

Bumpers by Ranch Hand are known for superior strength. On the other hand, factory bumpers that come with trucks are often minimalistic and downright fragile compared to aftermarket models. 

A quick look at the front or rear end of a truck lets you know whether or not the bumper has been upgraded. A big, beefy bumper like a Ranch Hand is tough to miss. And it’s plain to see that the truck is well-protected. 

Ranch Hand provides a selection that meets any truck driver’s protection needs. 

Grille Guard front bumpers cover the grill and headlights. These items combine front bumper replacement with a grill guard into one comprehensive suit of armor. It’s a two-for-one with a slick wraparound style on your front end. 

Bullnose front bumpers feature a distinct shape. The bullnose is the aptly-named front bar, flat on top with two angled vertical bars connecting to the lower plate. It’s a solid yet simple design that many pickup truck drivers love. 

The bullnose pipe creates a central defense against collisions. This style is also easy to accessorize with off-road lighting. 

bullnose bumper, commonly mounted on trucks for rugged work on the farm or other off-road activities
Ranch Hand BST14HBL1 Summit Bullnose Front Bumper 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra

Winch-ready bumpers are made for trucks that put in work. All winch-ready bumpers by Ranch Hand are made to accommodate a 10 x 4.5 winch mount configuration. That’s the standard footprint for winch manufacturers, so you’re good to go with Ranch Hand. 

Ranch Hand’s Sport Series winch-ready bumpers accommodate up to a 16,500 lb Warn winch. 

Whatever Ranch Hand bumper you choose, you’ll benefit from the superior protection afforded by high-quality, heavy-duty materials. Plus, your bumper will look sharp as the years go by, thanks to the excellent corrosion-resistant powder coat finish that fends off rust. 

Ranch Hand Bumpers Are Easy to Install

dependable, reduced weight ranch hand grille guards, Sport series, and Legend series bumpers
Ranch Hand FBF991BLR Legend Front Bumper 2000-2004 Ford Excursion

Ranch Hand bumpers are built for easy DIY installation. It’s never a wrong choice to hire a professional for auto work. However, if you like doing your own installs, this is definitely one you can handle. 

Every model is different, so there’s no single set of instructions to cover every bumper upgrade. Here’s what you definitely won’t need to do to get your bumper put into place:

  • No cutting
  • No drilling
  • No welding

The process involves a direct bolt-on installation. Your bumper purchase includes easy-to-follow instructions and a mounting kit with everything you’ll need. 

Ranch Hand Bumper Replacement by Royal Truck Accessories

 Legend series bumper to absorb the brunt of the impact in auto accidents and protect the truck’s body
Ranch Hand FBD941BLR Legend Front Bumper 1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500

You’re unlikely ever to regret opting for a high-quality aftermarket bumper upgrade. 

Best-case scenario: your truck gets a makeover, and the new hardware never hits anything but mosquitoes. 

If your Ranch Hand bumper does get put to the test, it’ll perform. Ranch Hand’s front and rear bumpers have taken countless strikes from deer, trees, and rear-ending drivers. Thousands of drivers across the USA can vouch for the results.

While every accident holds significant risks, you ride safer with solid bumpers.

For aftermarket bumpers by Ranch Hand and other leading brands, view the Royal Truck Accessories front bumper and rear bumper collections.

Along with bumpers, we carry truck necessities like running boards and fender molding. Your truck is your baby, and the right aftermarket upgrades will keep it stylish and high-performing.

Price match guarantee

For the highest-quality truck accessories and unbeatable customer service, shop our selection of leading brands today. 

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