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Ranch Hand BSC14HBL1 Summit Bullnose Front Bumper

6 Reasons the Ranch Hand Front Bumpers Are Unbeatable

Ranch Hand is the leading aftermarket truck and SUV bumper manufacturer in the auto sector.

Ranch Hand got its start in 1986 in a small town in South Texas when it made the "Donkey Knocker," its first bumper guard for farmers and ranchers.

Since then, Ranch Hand has gone on to perfect its original design, and now sell a variety of front bumpers within four series:

  • The Legend Series
  • The Sport Series
  • The Summit Series
  • The Midnight Series (released in 2020)

The Legend Series is slightly heavier than the Sport Series, which is also a heavy-duty bumper, albeit with reduced front-end weight.

The Summit Series is the equally dependable and reduced weight alternative to the Legend Series, while the recently released Midnight Series is the most customizable.

There aren't many products on the market that can rival a Ranch Hand bumper’s style and strength.

In addition, Ranch Hand products are easy to install, durable, and American-made—all good reasons why Ranch Hand bumpers are unbeatable.

Drivers also love Ranch Hand’s front bumpers because they’re a status symbol in addition to being a high-quality barrier that offers the average vehicle maximum defense.

Visit Royal Truck Accessories and find the Ranch Hand bumper of your dreams by selecting the make and model of your car.

Table of Contents

What Makes Ranch Hand Bumpers the Very Best?

Reason 1: Ranch Hand Grille Guards and Front Bumpers Fit Most Vehicles
Reason 2: Bumper Replacement
Reason 3: Sleek Bumper Designs
Reason 4: Durable
Reason 5: Protect Your Car During Impact
Reason 6: American Company

Your Trusted Expert Ranch Hand Dealer
Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Main Difference Between Ranch Hand and Other Brands?
Can You Interchange Ranch Hand Products Between Different Automobile Makes and Models?
Is the Grille Guard Sold Separately From the Front Bumper?

truck fitted with a Legend front guard on a 2000-2004 Ford Excursion
Ranch Hand FBF991BLR Legend Front Bumper 2000-2004 Ford Excursion

What Makes Ranch Hand Bumpers the Very Best?

Reason 1: Ranch Hand Grille Guards and Front Bumpers Fit Most Vehicles

Ranch Hand grille guards and front bumpers fit most vehicles manufactured by:

  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Jeep
  • RAM
  • Toyota

Whether you drive a ½ ton, ¾ ton, or 1-ton (+) vehicle, a Ranch Hand front and rear bumper will provide your car with exceptional protection.

Ranch Hand builds front bumpers specifically for the make, model, and year of your car.

Therefore, their selection of front bumpers caters to a variety of vehicles and style preferences.

Ranch Hand Grille Guard Front Bumpers
Legend Series Sport Series Summit Series Midnight Series
Car Size ¾+ ton: 1 ton (+) ¾+ ton: 1 ton (+) ½ ton (+) ½ ton (+)
Diamond-plate Steel Frame 5/16" uprights: 4" schedule 40 pipe 3/16” thick formed channel 12-gauge tubing 3/16" thick smooth steel
Winch-ready No Yes No Customizable
Receiver 2” Standard 2” Standard No Customizable
Tow Hooks Retained on some versions Retained on some versions Retained on some versions Customizable

Reason 2: Bumper Replacement

Ranch Hand makes the somewhat difficult task of bumper replacement stress-free because their products are so easy to install.

Price check

Most Ranch Hand front and rear bumpers use direct bolt-on installation, so they don't require cutting, fabrication, drilling, or welding.

A DIY-oriented person only needs common hand tools to have their Ranch Hand bumper quickly mounted and ready to use.

If you're looking to replace a low-quality or broken bumper, look no further than Ranch Hand front and rear bumpers.

“December 25, 2020


I love my new Ranch Hand brush guard on my new '21 Tacoma. I was worried that I may have an issue with the pre-collision system, but after a ride today, no lights or issues.

It gives the truck a lot more attitude! It takes awhile to decipher the instructions, but installation wasn't difficult. I found it to be much easier by removing the grille assembly..”


Reason 3: Sleek Bumper Designs

Ranch Hand designs their bumpers with lifestyle in mind, and their creativity dispels any notion that bumpers should look anything less than stylish and pimped out.

Any truck enthusiast who is also a farmhand, rancher, construction worker, road worker, or lumber hauler can increase their cool factor with a Ranch Hand bumper.

Testimonial from Whitney T.

Just because you need a bumper for challenging work conditions doesn't mean your vehicle shouldn't look good!

So, whether you’re driving through the farm, wilderness, rugged terrain, or city, make your 4WD look spectacular with either a Ranch Hand Midnight or Sport Series bumper.

Legend front guard on a Ford F250 and F550 2017-2021
Ranch Hand FBF201BLR Legend Front Bumper 2017-2021 Ford F250-F550 Super Duty

Reason 4: Durable

A Ranch Hand bumper guard is made from durable diamond-plate steel.

Ranch Hand BSC14HBL1 Summit Bullnose Front Bumper 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Ranch Hand BSC14HBL1 Summit Bullnose Front Bumper 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

It's a fully welded, one-piece solid design that offers the front of your car reliable protection and master craftsmanship.

The top-quality steel and powder coat technology prevents rust and ensures the product will last.

While aluminum buffers are cheaper, if you are constantly driving through rough turf, a Ranch Hand steel bumper will serve you best for a much longer time.

A one-year limited warranty covers all of our Ranch Hand products.

a car fitted with a Summit Series bumper on a Dodge Ram
Ranch Hand BSD101BL1S Summit Bullnose Front Bumper 2010-2018 Dodge Ram 2500-3500

Reason 5: Protect Your Car During Impact

Protect your car during impact by replacing your fragile factory bumper with a strong Ranch Hand front and rear bumper.

In the unfortunate event that your vehicle gets into a head-on-accident, you can count on Ranch Hand's highly engineered steel barrier to reduce collision impact.

A Ranch Hand bumper, crafted to be perfectly molded to your car, will safeguard your loved ones and passengers.

Ranch Hand bumpers primarily aim to provide protection. It’s a bonus that they further enhance your vehicle's appearance.

When considering Ranch Hand front and rear bumpers, remember their motto: "Protected from the unpredictable."

“October 27, 2020


Me and my soon to be wife were driving down the road when the track bar snapped on my 2015 F-250 sending us into a 3 ft round cypress tree at 55 mph. We hit the tree so hard it pushed it out the ground we had a Ranch Hand Bumper installed less than 8 months ago.

The bumper took full force of the hit dead center. We were able to cut our seat belts and walk out the truck with only bumps and bruises. Ranch hand has my business for now on. We were able to come home to our little girl.


Legend bullnose front guard on a Dodge Ram 2500-3500 1998-2002
Ranch Hand BTD941BLR Legend Bullnose Front Bumper 1998-2002 Dodge Ram 2500-3500

Reason 6: American Company

Ranch Hand is a tried-and-true American company with an exemplary track record spanning over 35 years.

Ranch Hand's high-quality, Made in USA, automobile accessories have secured the trust of vehicle owners nationwide.

Ranch Hand takes pride in employing over 200 people at its two manufacturing facilities located in Shiner and Beeville, Texas.

The Texas manufacturing facilities are 320,000 square feet, and they cumulatively process 40,000 lbs of steel per day.

Ranch Hand® is a proud former subsidiary of Kaspar Companies—established in 1898—having been acquired by Lippert Components, Inc. (Lippert TM) in May 2021.

“December 20, 2020


Easy install of a well-built, good looking bull bumper. Thanks for the quality made, USA product!


Ranch Hand infographic

Your Trusted Expert Ranch Hand Dealer

If you're looking to fit your car with a front and rear bumper, Royal Truck Accessories has the perfect fit for you.

The close relationship we've forged over the years with Ranch Hand enables us to offer you a wide range of bumpers to choose from at competitive pricing.

Our dedicated customer representatives are ready and happy to answer all your bumper fitting and automobile accessories questions.

Let us help you select the correct bumper for your car today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Main Difference Between Ranch Hand and Other Brands?

Ranch Hand materials and construction are top-notch and provide customers with increased safety.

For example, Ranch Hand's Legend Series bumper pipe is 90% thicker, their floor plate 40% thicker, and their upright material 25% thicker when compared to other leading brands.

Can You Interchange Ranch Hand Products Between Different Automobile Makes and Models?

No, you cannot alternate or interchange Ranch Hand products between different automobile makes and models.

Ranch Hand manufactures bumper replacements with a specific car make and model in mind. 

For example, a RAM 2004 Sport Series bumper design is made to contour this exact car and cannot be used on a RAM 2010

Is the Grille Guard Sold Separately From the Front Bumper?

No, it’s a one-piece welded design. The grille guard style, unlike the bullnose style, offers wrap-around headlight protection.

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