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Truck Owner’s Buying Guide: Hammerhead vs. Flog Industries Bumpers

Choosing between a Hammerhead and Flog Industries bumper can be a tough decision to make. Both brands have a reputation as producers of premium-quality aftermarket bumpers.

Additionally, both manufacturers have a design approach that has resulted in two very interesting truck bumpers in the industry today.

Here’s a quick overview of the two brands:

  • Hammerhead is a commercial venture from the famous Hol-Mac Corporation, makers of heavy-duty trucks and associated equipment.

  • Flog Industries is a relatively smaller, family-owned business specializing in custom truck accessories such as headache racks and bumpers.

We’ll compare the qualities of Hammerhead and Flog Industries bumpers to help you choose the one that’s best suited to your truck.

Ram Front Winch Bumper

Overview: Hammerhead Bumpers

In 2008, employees of Hol-Mac Corporation established Hammerhead in Bay Springs, Mississippi.

Hammerhead’ unwavering attention to quality and off-road enthusiasm are impressive. As a result, they produce some of the best aftermarket bumpers.

Hammerhead also has 10+ years of experience and has built a solid fan base in the industry.

The brand uses A36 carbon steel to create highly-functional bumpers. A36 steel is relatively ductile (it can deform without breaking). As a result, it absorbs the impact of collisions and offers solid protection for your truck.

Additionally, Hammerhead bumpers have custom designs that make them easy to install. This means you can usually replace the bumper yourself and save money on labor.

The following is a testimonial from a satisfied customer:

Hammerhead satisfied customer review

Hammerhead bumpers can fit several truck models, including:

  • Chevrolet (Silverado, Colorado)
  • Toyota (Tundra, Tacoma)
  • GMC
  • Ford
  • Dodge Ram
  • Nissan Titan

Overview: Flog Industries Bumpers

Flog Industries was started in 2014 in Southern Utah.

It began as a Jeep bumper manufacturer but now focuses on bumpers for trucks such as:

  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Dodge Ram 
  • Toyota

Flog bumpers began as rough-cut designs but have evolved into rigid, stunning armors that protect your vehicle in case of an accident.

The bumpers are made from mild, or low carbon, steel. Mild steel is strong and relatively malleable, which helps the bumper absorb impacts from collisions when off-roading.

Most Flog designs can accommodate accessories like fog lights and light bars. This option allows you to customize the bumper to your taste and improve lighting when night driving.

Each Flog bumper is vehicle-specific as well, meaning you can install it directly onto your truck without a hassle.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about Flog Industries bumpers: 

Flog Industries satisfied customer review
Source: Royal Truck Accessories Facebook page

Main Types of Hammerhead Bumpers

The following table summarizes the features of the Hammerhead X Series bumpers:

Bumper Series Features Examples

Hammerhead X Series

  • Double coated with a primer base and black wrinkle powder, making the bumpers highly resistant to scratches and corrosion

  • Most X Series front bumpers have shackle mounts and are winch-compatible to give you recovery options in case of a breakdown

  • Front bumpers are available in full brush guard, no brush guard, and Prerunner options, giving you various styles to choose from

  • Hammerhead bumpers are made of 3/16-inch thick plate steel that protects your truck from collisions

  • The full brush guard bumpers have steel wall tubing that is 1.75-inch in diameter and 0.12-inch thick for ultimate protection

  • The bumpers accommodate pod lights to improve lighting when night driving

Hammerhead front winch bumper

Hammerhead front full brush guard bumper

Hammerhead full brush guard front bumper

Main Types of Flog Industries Bumpers

The Steel Demon Series is the most popular bumper line-up from Flog Industries. The table below summarizes its features:

Bumper Series Features Examples

Flog Industries Steel Demon Series

  • Accommodates four cube lights for extra lighting at night and on foggy days

  • Bumpers have sharp lines and precise bends to give your truck a stunning look

  • Highly customizable—different lighting options and color combinations that vary with vehicle make and model

  • Rigid construction material for durability—bumpers are made of 3/16-inch thick mild steel

  • Bumpers come with 1/2-inch thick steel tow hooks that mount directly to your truck’s frame for efficient towing

  • Some Flog bumpers can house a heavy-duty winch tray to replace steel tow hooks

    A towing winch maintains a steadier tension when pulling your truck out of the mud

Flog Industries front bumper

Flog Industries Prerunner bumper

Flog Industries Prerunner front bumper

Hammerhead vs. Flog Industries Truck Bumpers: Feature Comparison

Having looked at the most prominent bumpers from both brands, let’s compare them by:

  1. Overall design
  2. Accessory accommodation
  3. Finishing
  4. Performance and durability
  5. Warranty

Overall Design

Hammerhead bumpers are available in three styles:

  • Bumpers with no grille guard: Also called low-profile or base bumpers. They only cover the lower front of your truck. 

    While low-profile bumpers don’t grab too much attention, they still offer solid protection and a stunning appearance.

    They’re also lighter than other Hammerhead designs, improving vehicle handling and fuel mileage.

  • Prerunner bumpers: They don’t have grille guards but have a bullnose (an extended bar) for extra protection.

  • Full grille guard bumpers: Cover the whole front of your truck to protect components like the radiator and headlights. In addition to protection, their design is also stylish.

Flog Industries bumpers are available in two styles:

  • Low-profile bumpers: Lack grille guards and bull bars and don’t attract attention like full grille guard and Prerunner bumpers. But they still improve your truck's appearance and offer uncompromised protection.

  • Prerunner bumpers: Have bull bars for extra protection of your truck’s components.

Accessory Accommodation 

Hammerhead bumpers offer the following accessories: 

  • Most of the bumpers are winch compatible to give you a recovery option in case of a breakdown. They can accommodate a winch of up to 16,500 lb for 3/4 ton truck models and 9500 lb for 1/2 ton models.

  • Hammerhead full grille guard bumpers house a grille mesh that improves your truck’s appearance and enhances protection.

  • Front bumpers have four non-adjustable light-mounting pockets. The pockets hold 3.25-inch by 3.25-inch cube fog lights, which will improve lighting when night driving. Additionally, most Hammerhead rear bumpers can house backlights that enhance safety when reversing.

  • You can upgrade a low-profile bumper with a bull bar to better protect your truck from collisions.

  • Most Hammerhead bumpers are compatible with factory parking sensors and front cameras. These accessories maximize the functionality of your truck.

Flog Industries bumpers have the following accessory options:

  • Most bumpers have tow hooks and shackle mounts, giving you more recovery options if you get stuck in the mud or a ditch. 

    Some Flog Industries bumpers are winch-compatible.

  • All Flog bumpers have grille inserts that enable you to match an aftermarket mesh grille with the OEMs for a stunning design. 

  • Both front and rear bumpers have adjustable light-mounting pockets that hold various pod lights. In addition, Flog Industries Prerunner bumpers can house LED light bars at the center of the bumper for improved lighting at night. 

  • You can easily upgrade a low-profile bumper by installing a bull bar or a grille guard to increase the level of protection for your truck.


Hammerhead bumpers are dual-coated with a wrinkle powder coat and a semi-slip resistant finish. These provide a firm grip when stepping onto the bumper (essential for accessing your truck’s cargo area).

You can place a special order to get an unpainted Hammerhead bumper, allowing you to tailor the finish to your taste.

Flog Industries bumpers are neither powder-coated nor painted. Instead, they come as raw steel, so you get to customize the bumper to your liking.

However, painting or powder coating is tedious work. For that reason, Flog bumpers are unsuitable if you're looking for bumpers that are ready to be installed.

Performance and Durability

Hammerhead bumpers are made of 3/16-inch thick carbon steel that can withstand both on-road and off-road conditions. They’re also dual-coated to protect the bumpers from corrosion, increasing durability.

Flog Industries bumpers are also made of 3/16-inch thick carbon steel that is highly ductile to absorb impact from collisions. 


Hammerhead bumpers have a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. The finishing (powder coat) is excluded from the warranty.

Flog Industries bumpers have a limited lifetime warranty on manufacturer’s defects. They also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the bumper performance risk free.

Which One Is Better: Hammerhead or Flog Industries Bumpers?

There’s no clear-cut answer to this question.

Choose Hammerhead bumpers if you want aggressive designs and complete front-end protection for your truck. They’re available in full grille guard versions that cover the whole front of your vehicle.

Hammerhead bumpers also have a dual-coated finish to protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion.

For an innovative and stunning design, opt for Flog Industries bumpers. They have precise cuts, sharp bends, and high customizability, allowing you to transform your truck into a beast.

Testimonial from Addison

Buy Your Bumper From Royal Truck Accessories

At Royal Truck Accessories, we provide you with quality in three ways:

  • Our customer care team will guide you whenever you need help with our products or terms of service. 
  • We only sell bumpers and truck accessories from reputable manufacturers. 
  • Our products will fit your truck perfectly—no drilling, welding, or cutting required.

Here’s a testimonial from a verified buyer: 

testimonial from a verified customer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hammerhead better than Flog Industries?

No. Both Hammerhead and Flog Industries bumpers are unique, so the choice depends on your taste. Flog Industries has stunning designs, while Hammerhead offers more front-end protection for your truck. 

Is Hammerhead a good brand?

Yes, Hammerhead is one of the most reputable bumper brands in the United States. It manufactures bumpers that offer uncompromised protection and striking designs. 

Is Flog Industries a good brand?

Yes, Flog Industries is one of the top American-made brands for aftermarket bumpers. The company offers solid and stunning bumpers for your truck. 

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