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Buckstop In-stock front bumper

Buyers' Guide: Raptor Series Bumpers vs Buckstop Bumpers

Congratulations to you if the names Buckstop and Raptor Series have come up during your search for aftermarket bumpers. The two brands are not as famous in the industry, but they are a lucky strike for those in the know. 

Raptor Series and Buckstop are both highly respected manufacturers of off-road bumpers and various other truck accessories, both wise choices for experienced offroaders.

Raptor Series bumpers are leading replacement bumpers that give your truck the same low profile and minimal weight as factory bumpers. Most of them are also designed to work with factory sensors and cameras, which is a huge plus.

On the other hand, Buckstop is one of the best brands of heavy-duty bumpers out there. It is right up there with renowned brands such as Ranch Hand and Road Armor, with features like:

  • Most models come with heavy-duty brush guards for full protection
  • Most Buckstop bumpers are compatible with high-powered winches
  • Buckstop bumpers are designed for maximum strength and durability
  • Buckstop bumpers are great for Overlanding due to features such as tire carriers 

While both Raptor Series and Buckstop bumpers are designed for use on and off the asphalt, their design and utility are different.

buckstop front bumper

Deciding between Raptor Series and Buckstop bumpers is going to be tough. Let’s dive deep into both brands and conclude with a head-to-head comparison at the end.

In Detail: Raptor Series Bumpers vs Buckstop Bumpers

Raptor Series Bumpers

Raptor Series Automotive Accessories Inc was founded in 2004 and started producing a variety of truck and SUV accessories. Today, the brand has evolved into a uniquely off-road company that also produces roof top tents, tire racks, running boards, and more.

Raptor Series bumpers are designed and fabricated with the same off-road mindset. The company recognizes that offroad bumpers do not have to be oversized or outlandish to be effective. In fact, the best bumpers are often light but extremely strong.

With that in mind, Raptor Series bumpers for Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs are designed to be low-profile bumpers that follow the same contours as factory bumpers. They are also relatively lightweight, making them the perfect replacement bumpers.

Low-profile Raptor Series Jeep Magnum bumper
Raptor Series FBM36JPN-RT 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL/2020-2021

Raptor Series is a brand owned by CYC Engineering Inc. CYC recently bought Magnum RT Step and Magnum Jeep bumper brands from Innovative Creations Inc (ICI)

These Magnum bumpers bring with them the same reputation for quality, reliability, and strength they had with ICI. Raptor Series continues to make them using cold-rolled steel plates, and uses a 3-stage powder-coating process for enhanced corrosion resistance.

When it comes to accessories, Raptor Series bumpers allow you to choose between round or square light mounts. You can also have a separate 20” LED light bar as an option. If recovery options are important, you can choose a winch-capable Jeep Magnum bumper from Raptor Series.

The company also makes rear bumpers with or without tire carriers, as you can see in the following photo.

Raptor Series Magnum Rear Bumper for Jeep JL, 2018-2021 models
Raptor Series RBM45JPN Magnum Rear Bumper Jeep JL, 2018-2021

Apart from these Magnum bumpers, Raptor Series is also famous for its other products such as Raptor Series step bars and Voyager rooftop tents.

Buckstop Bumpers

As the name suggests, Buckstop bumpers are meant to stop a big buck during a head-on collision. The company making them, Buckstop Truckware Inc., has been producing tough truck bumpers and other accessories since 1994

The best way to describe Buckstop bumpers would be “tactical.” Some of Buckstop’s biggest customers are first responders, police, and the military, including ambulances in Chicago.

Knowing that anyone could be relying on these bumpers to save lives, Buckstop makes them big, strong, and foolproof.

Buckstop bumper on a Ford truck

Buckstop is a proud all-American brand that uses American steel and sweat. Based in Central Oregon, the company makes each bumper to order in just two weeks and can customize each piece to fit your unique specifications.

Buckstop bumpers are the Swiss Army knife of bumpers (their words, not ours). That’s because of their feature-packed design that includes functionality for recovery, towing, winching, accessories like lighting, and various custom options.

You can order a custom bumper or buy a ready-made Buckstop In-Stock bumper. The table below shows the four main types of Buckstop bumpers that you can order now.

Product Description Features
Buckstop front bumper for 2017-current Ford 250-F350 trucks

This is a full-service front bumper with a grille guard made of steel tubing.

Standard features include a 2” trailer receiver, J-tow hooks, winch mounting, and recessed factory fog light mounts.

  • Compatible with standard 4 ½” x 10” bolt pattern winches
  • Like the other Buckstop bumpers, it comes standard with a two-coat powder paint in Black Hammertone
  • Compatible with factory LED lights. Options for extra lighting available at a fee
Buckstop Rear bumper with tire carrier

This Buckstop bumper comes with a swing-out tire rack.

You can also opt to have a second swing-out as an option.

The arm assembly can be removed during the off season to reduce weight.

  • Includes a 2” trailer receiver
  • Comes with mounts for the license plate and factory lights
  • Comes with an inbuilt hitch to improve rear ground clearance
  • Complete with all hardware needed for a bolt-on installation
Buckstop standard rear bumper

Provides everything necessary for an OEM bumper replacement.

Also designed for bolt-on installation with no welding or drilling required .

  • Comes with light mounts for one pair of ¼” lights
  • Comes standard with a license plate mount and a trailer plug
  • Reverse sensor mounts and rear clevis shackle mounts are available as an option
  • The factory trailer hitch is not affected
Buckstop Vintage Series front bumper

The Vintage Series is for older square body trucks. These are slim-fit bumpers designed to fit the curves of older trucks for a vintage look and feel.

You can order the bumper with or without grille guards.

  • Comes with a full hardware kit and installation instructions
  • Fully bolt-on installation
  • Compatible with a winch
  • Comes with a license plate mount and clevis shackle mount
Buckstop push bumper on a Ford work truck

The Buckstop push bumper is designed for utility vehicles. It’s smooth plastic surface prevents damage to vehicles being recovered or pushed.

The grille guard offers full protection to police, emergency, and other utility trucks.

  • Recessed winch mount and tow hooks fitted flush and hidden
  • J and D hooks for recovery
  • Comes with the complete hardware set and installation instructions
  • Tough polyethylene plastic cover protects against abrasion

In addition to these, Buckstop also produces bumpers for special applications including overlanding, work fleet trucks, and fire or emergency response vehicles.

Which Is Better: Raptor Series Bumpers or Buckstop Bumpers?

If you prefer the sleek look of a low-profile bumper, Raptor Series is the clear winner. For any other truck model, Buckstop bumpers offers a much more exciting range of application-specific bumpers and even lets you order custom bumpers.

To make this comparison fair, let us compare the pros and cons of both Raptor Series and Buckstop bumpers.

Raptor Series Bumpers Pros and Cons


  • Low profile design - Raptor Series bumpers follow the same profile as the OEM bumper.
  • Lightweight construction - Without the outlandish grille guard, Raptor Series bumpers are much lighter than Buckstop bumpers.
  • Clean look - For those who prefer the clean look of an OEM bumper, Raptor Series Magnum bumpers are perfect.
  • Heavy-duty construction - Raptor Series bumpers are off-road bumpers. They are made with ¼” plate steel for all supporting surfaces to ensure maximum strength and performance even when winching, while the outer shell is completed with 3/16” steel.
  • Affordable - Raptor Series bumpers are much more affordable than similar options from popular “big brand” manufacturers.


  • Limited options - Raptor Series Magnum bumpers are currently only available for Jeeps and some Ford trucks, although more options could become available in the future.
  • No protection for the radiator - In the event of a deer strike, your radiator remains at risk. If you will be going Overlanding, consider a bumper with a grille/brush guard.

Buckstop Bumpers Pros and Cons


  • Maximum utility - Buckstop bumpers are meant to work as hard as you. From push bumpers to the Vintage Series, Buckstop uses high-performance materials and designs to make its bumpers ultra-strong.
  • Maximum protection - Most people prefer the full grille guard option, which provides necessary protection to the radiator area.
  • Wide range of designs - From the nostalgic Vintage Series with its square designs to the blocky modern push bars, you can select the right style for your truck.
  • Heavy-duty construction - With a choice of carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel materials, each Buckstop bumper is designed to give you maximum durability.
  • Custom finishing - Apart from the Black Hammertone powder coated finish, you can also choose from a series of metallic colors and even two-tone finishes at an additional cost.


  • Heavy - A full featured Buckstop bumper could weigh upwards of 220 lbs without the winch. This can affect fuel performance and drivability.
  • Mountings for extra accessories cost more - While Buckstop bumpers come standard with winch, license plate, and factory light mountings, extra options such as light bars will cost more money.

Verdict:  Buckstop Bumpers vs Raptor Series Bumpers

Unless you own a Jeep, Buckstop bumpers are the best option for all heavy-duty applications. 

Testimonial from carmin

Buckstop is a much bigger company with a wide range of products. It has grown significantly, as Tristan (Buckstop co-founder) explains in the video below.

On the other hand, Raptor Series is a rapidly growing brand of all things off-road. Whether you’re looking for truck steps, an electric cooler, or a rooftop tent, Raptor Series will hook you up.

Raptor Series also makes and sells the fantastic Magnum bumpers. The beauty of these bumpers is unbeatable, and Raptor Series has already started expanding into Ford Super Duty trucks and other select truck models. 

In other words, we would recommend Buckstop bumpers for all heavy-duty off-road and utility bumpers. If you’re looking for a bumper that looks good and is light enough for your Jeep or Ford Super Duty truck, go for the Raptor Series.

Price check

Unbeatable Deals on Raptor Series and Buckstop Bumpers

Whether you want a Raptor Series or Buckstop bumper, the one thing you should always look out for is an affordable price. Bumpers can get expensive, especially when they are all decked out in accessories and extra functionality.

Here at Royal Truck Accessories, our price match guarantee ensures that you get unbeatable deals on these and many other truck bumpers. Our many happy customers are proof of our quality of service and affordability. 

As Addison said:

“Best Price - Shopped around first and came back because this is the best price with the best customer service.”

For the best deals on both Raptor Series and Buckstop bumpers, view our various collections now and find out which brand will give your truck the war face you want.

Price Match Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Are off-road bumpers worth it?

Off-road bumpers don’t just replace the OEM factory bumper, they also add a ton of functionality and protection to your truck’s front end. Heavy-duty bumpers can take hits from rocks, trees, or even deer without damaging your bumper or other critical components.

Which replacement bumper is the best?

There are many aftermarket steel bumpers you can choose from, but finding the best is all about which one suits your needs. For example, Buckstop bumpers are specifically designed to offer maximum protection and utility for work trucks, overlanding, and other special applications.

Should you buy steel bumpers?

If you are going overlanding or driving off-road, you definitely need steel replacement bumpers. In addition to protecting the front of your truck, these bumpers also serve as mounting points for recovery equipment, such as winches.

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