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LEX Off Road FEF2 2009-2014 Ford EcoBoost/5.0 Gen. 2 Front Bumper

An Expert Review of LEX Offroad Bumpers

LEX Offroad is a small, family-owned company that specializes in the custom and commercial fabrication of steel bumpers and other aftermarket truck accessories. LEX Offroad is one of the top brands of aftermarket parts for Ford Raptors and Toyota trucks.

LEX, short for Luxury Extreme, grew out of the need for affordable, low-profile, high-performance bumpers for use in off-road applications.  

Unlike many other well-known brands, such as Road Armor, Ranch Hand, or Fab Fours, LEX Offroad bumpers are known for being:

  • Low-profile, without unnecessary embellishments
  • Strong but lightweight, made of tubular and plate steel components
  • Designed for easy bolt-on installation
  • A niche brand purpose-built for off-road applications

LEX Offroad provides the performance and quality of a name-brand manufacturer with the personalized care and dedication of a mom-and-pop shop. The company even creates custom bumpers with personalized logos upon request.

LEX Offroad is a small company that deserves big consideration for its consistently good-quality front and rear bumpers. 

Take a deep dive with us as we look into the various products this company has to offer and their unique benefits.

Is LEX Offroad a Good Brand?

If you’re the kind of motorsport enthusiast to whom performance matters more than looks, LEX Offroad is perfect for you. 

The brand may not have the outsized, overbuilt status of other brands out there, but you get the plain simplicity and rock-solid reliability of a custom bumper fabrication. 

This image of a LEX Offroad front bumper mounted on a Ford Super Duty truck is a good example of the brand’s simple design.

A LEX Offroad front bumper on a Ford Super Duty Syndicate truck
LEX Off Road FSDF2 2010+ Ford Super Duty Syndicate Front Bumper

LEX Offroad operates out of Mesa, Arizona, where the company started as a motorcycle shop and expanded into motorsports. Today, LEX Offroad specializes in outdoor sports vehicle modifications and accessories such as bumpers and suspension.

LEX Offroad Bumper Options to Choose From

LEX Offroad is just one of several product lines by Raptor SVT Parts, the parent company behind LEX. It consists of front and rear bumpers designed for off-road applications such as overlanding, rock crawling, and off-road racing.

LEX Offroad bumpers come in various designs to suit various user needs. 

LEX Offroad Push Bars

Push bars are strong, low-profile bars designed to allow a truck to push another vehicle without incurring damage. It can also be used to push obstacles, such as rocks and tree limbs, aside when off-roading.

Unlike grille guards, push bars are light and strong. Their design distributes force evenly into the chassis to enable pushing, which also lets them handle low-speed impacts safely.

LEX Offroad push bars can also carry aftermarket accessories such as LED light bars, as you can see in the example below.

LEX Offroad 2nd Gen push bar on a Toyota Tundra with extra lights mounted
LEX Off Road TTUNG2PB Toyota Tundra Gen 2 Push Bar 2015+

Push bars may not provide full-on frontal protection, but their low-profile design will complement your truck’s factory look beautifully.

Off-Road Bumpers With Skid Plates

Skid plates are an important component of off-road bumpers because they protect the radiator, oil pan, and other components located at the front of the undercarriage. 

LEX Offroad front bumper with a skid plate included
LEX Off Road F150G2FRB 2015+ Ford F150 Gen 2 Front bumper

As you’ll notice in the example above, an off-road bumper also needs to provide lots of clearance for the front wheel. The steep front is called an approach angle, which allows the vehicle to climb over high obstacles such as rocks without getting stuck.

The bumper also needs to provide enough room for the front wheels to articulate. There are three types of front bumpers to choose from based on the width and clearance they provide.

Stubby Bumpers Mid-Width Bumpers Full-Width Bumpers
This is the shortest width of front bumper available. They provide maximum room for oversize tires to articulate freely. These bumpers are easily identifiable because they cover most of the front end up to the outer edge of the headlights. This design is mostly used for Jeep bumpers. Full-width front bumpers provide maximum coverage, the same as the factory bumper. They go all the way to the corners and might even wrap around them.
LEX Offroad stubby bumper on a Toyota Tacoma

This LEX Offroad stubby bumper has additional wings just below the headlights to provide extra support and strength.

LEX Offroad front bumper on a Gen 3 Ford Raptor

This LEX Offroad front bumper has a prerunner bull bar but still provides extra clearance for the wheels.

LEX Offroad full-width bumper on a Chevy 2500

This full-width LEX Offroad front bumper provides protection for the entire front end of the truck. It also allows you to mount a light bar.

LEX Offroad front bumper with a skid plate included
LEX Off Road FEF2 2009-2014 Ford EcoBoost/5.0 Gen. 2 Front Bumper

Winch-Compatible Bumpers

LEX Offroad also has winch-compatible bumpers of every type. These are mounted directly on the chassis of your truck, providing maximum strength and anchorage.

Winch-compatible front bumpers are rated by the maximum power of the winch that can be mounted. Thus, you can get an 8000, 9000, 12000, or 16000+ pound winch bumper depending on your needs.

Here’s one winch bumper designed for Toyota Tacoma trucks.

LEX Offroad front bumper with winch for 2015+ Toyota Tacoma trucks
LEX Off Road TTPWFB 2015+ Toyota Tundra Punisher Winch Front Bumper

If recovery is important to you, there are several other features you can consider:

  • D-ring mounting points for attaching towing equipment such as hooks and straps
  • Mounting for LED light bars that provide extra visibility
  • Stinger bars: these prevent your truck from tipping over when going down a steep incline
  • High-lift jack points for self-recovery
  • Tow hooks: these allow you to tow your off-road truck behind another vehicle

LEX Offroad Rear Bumpers

LEX Offroad also makes and sells a variety of rear bumpers. Besides complementing the front bumper’s looks, rear bumpers also add a lot of functionality, including:

  • Preventing damage in low-speed rear impacts
  • Providing a better departure angle to allow the truck to clear high obstacles
  • Providing a strong mounting point for towing and recovery
  • Special rear bumpers for increasing storage capacity by holding spare tires and fuel jerricans

Whether you’re looking for a regular aftermarket rear bumper or an extreme off-road bumper with a tire carrier, LEX Offroad has it all. Here’s one for the Ford F150 Assault.

LEX Offroad rear bumper for 2015+ Ford F150 trucks
LEX Off Road FARB2 2015+ Ford F150 Assault 2 Rear Bumper

If you’re intending to tow often, you’ll also want a rear bumper with an integrated tow hitch or a tow hitch mounting point.

Why Buy LEX Offroad Bumpers?

If you have a Ford or Toyota truck, LEX Offroad may be your best bet for affordable and high-performance off-road bumpers. Here are four reasons why, like our customers, we have come to love the LEX Offroad brand.

Price check

Reason #1: Affordable Pricing

Many high-end replacement bumpers can cost well above $2,500. For example, the Road Armor Stealth Titan II Guard will set you back over $3,700 here in our store.

By comparison, most LEX Offroad front bumpers are well below $2,000. Many of the push bars, rear bumpers, and stubby bumpers cost even less, usually below $1,000.

Such cost-effectiveness is possible because the company uses a highly efficient manufacturing process. In addition, the team here at Royal Truck Accessories gives you the best prices because we source directly from the manufacturer.

Don’t just take it from us. Sylar K. had this to say:

“Shopped around first and came back because this is the best price with the best customer service.”
Sylar K. 

Testimonial from Ryan

As any veteran in motorsports will tell you, many of the expensive big-name brands have few advantages over less-known ones like LEX Offroad. In fact, smaller brands like LEX may give you the best value for your money.

Reason #2: High-Performance Design for Off-Road Driving

LEX Offroad is a niche manufacturer specializing in aftermarket parts and custom products for off-road trucks. They are the best people to design and fabricate bumpers for rock crawling, overlanding, and competitive racing in the bush.

There are several design features that make LEX Offroad an excellent choice for off-road driving:

  • Light-weight bumpers allow for faster driving and won’t affect your truck’s balance and stance
  • Special features, such as prerunner bars, push bars, and skid plates, enhance off-road drivability
  • Compatibility with winches, tow hooks, and other mounting equipment
  • Mounting options for light kits and other off-road accessories
  • Powder coating baked into the metal for long-lasting protection against corrosion

Reason #3: Easy Bolt-On Installation

LEX Offroad currently serves a limited range of trucks, including all generations of Ford Raptors and F-Series trucks as well as Toyota Tacomas, Tundras, and Sequoias. This makes it easy to make every bumper fit seamlessly with every truck model.

Every bumper from LEX Offroad is optimized for easy, bolt-on installation with no cutting, welding, or other modifications required. They utilize factory mounting points and some factory hardware, and everything else is provided in the kit.

Expert tip: Some aftermarket bumpers may not be compatible with sensors and cameras used in cruise control and lane-keeping systems. At most, you may have to relocate or remove these entirely. Check product descriptions to make sure before ordering.

Reason #4: Fast Production and Quick Delivery

Despite being a comparatively small brand, LEX Offroad has invested in some top-notch technology to make production as fast and efficient as possible. One of these is CNC plasma cutting, which ensures precise and fast cutting of steel sheets and tubes.

LEX is not afraid to show off this cool cutting process in the video below.

In addition to precision, this process also allows LEX Offroad to have quick turnaround times of less than 10 days on custom orders. This is faster than many other manufacturers, which means that you don’t have to wait long for your bumper to be delivered.

Get Your LEX Offroad Bumper Now 

Buying your next bumper from LEX Offroad will give you immense value for your money. LEX delivers reliable quality that only a small company can provide, using advanced machines and processes to maintain impeccable performance standards.

Having been experts in the aftermarket vehicle parts and accessories industry for years, we at Royal Truck Accessories wholly recommend LEX Offroad bumpers for their affordability and easy installation.

West O. is one of our happy customers, and he loves his LEX Offroad bumpers:

“It was a great fit! Easy to use, easy to install. Looks great on my truck. Would recommend this product.”
West O. 

That’s why we invite you to browse our wide collection of LEX Offroad bumpers here for the same convenience and unbeatable prices.

Price Match Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LEX Offroad a good brand?

LEX Offroad is a boutique company that manufacturers high-quality, affordable bumpers and other accessories for off-road trucks. It’s one of the best options for those who are looking for a low-profile bumper that’ll meet all off-roading needs.

Do I need an off-road bumper?

If you regularly go off the beaten path either for work, pleasure, or for competitive sports, a strong aftermarket bumper is a must. It offers added protection that no factory bumper can in addition to helping during recovery and improving drivability.

Do LEX Offroad bumpers protect your car in a crash?

Like any other off-road bumpers, LEX bumpers add significant safety to your driving experience. Besides protecting the vehicle’s front end and undercarriage from rocks, trees, and other obstacles, the bumper can also absorb low-speed impacts safely.

LEX Offroad bumpers also allow you to mount extra lights, recovery equipment, and other accessories for added safety.

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